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“A Christmas Tale – Beware the Packaging Regulations”

By Andy Fay • Wednesday 16th December 2015


It was a cold, biting and bleak December morning, when a rushed and overworked businessman sped through the office.

“Morning Mr Smith” said the Health and Safety Manager, Bob Crawly.

“Morning Bob” Said Mr Smith as he rushed past.

Mr Smith was a very busy man. Since the death of his business partner, a year to the day, he had become more and more distant; he cared deeply about his business and worked tirelessly to ensure it succeeded. He was much loved by his employees, he gave them jobs and security but he was just too busy to properly engage anymore.

As his secretary read the list of payments he would need to sign off, he was already looking at the next task he needed to complete.

“One of our machines has gone down, and the suppliers are struggling to find the right part, I need to go sort that out, can I reschedule with Bob” He said out of breath with the thought of the extra traveling weighing down on him.

“Bob’s outside, he’s been waiting a while, I think it’s important” She responded trying to persuade him to hear Bob out.

“Okay, send him in but tell him I don’t have long” He said relenting.

Bob Crawly was in charge of dealing with Regulations and it was his role to keep the business up to date and compliant with all the regulations that affected them. The Packaging Regulations had been something Bob really got behind; helping to improve recycling within the UK was a noble task. He had been meeting with Kite Environmental Solutions and spoke to Packaging Regulation’s Experts; he now understood the Packaging Regulations and greatly appreciated the help and support Kite had offered. Everything was in place to make sure Smith and Spenser’s Fantastical Toy Emporium was going to Comply.

Before Bob had even got in the room, Mr Smith interjected:

“Sorry Bob I don’t have much time, one of the machines has gone down!”

“I know Ed, I’ll make this quick. The Packaging Regulations affect us, were handling a lot of packaging, and with all the work you’ve been doing recently were now turning over more than the £2million threshold. I’ve been speaking to Kite Environmental Solutions and they’re very good….”

“Is that the same Kite we get our packaging from?”

“Sort of, but they deal with the Packaging Regulations”


“Yup” Bob was starting to feel encouraged; this was the longest they had been speaking to Mr Smith in a while.

“Oohh, no Bob don’t worry, we recycle our packaging already.”


“Problem solved!”

And with that the meeting was over, a decision had been made. Mr Smith rushed past before Bob could utter another word.

“Cheers Bob, I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully.”

Snow started to fall; it was going to be a white Christmas. The cold continued all through the night. Mr Smith was going through his various to do lists, checking and re-checking everything he had done and everything planned for the next few days.

The grandfather clock let out a deathly chime, it was 12:00.

An icy chill woke Mr Smith from his slumber; he was slumped at his desk with a to-do list was still in his hand. A white fog appeared before him, he rubbed his eyes and as he did the mist took shape.

It was an old man standing before him, Mr Smith was frozen with fear; a cold sweat ran down him. From the fog a familiar face appeared.  It was his old business partner, Marley Spencer.

“I have been sent to help you Edward; I have seen you working yourself to an early grave. Rushing around you have missed an important detail. You will be visited by three ghosts, The Ghost of Regulations, The Ghost of Obligation and the Ghost Civil Sanctions; heed their warnings!”

And with that cryptic message he was gone.

The next night, as the clock struck 12:00, a ghost appeared at the foot of Mr Smith’s bed.

“I am the Ghost of Regulation, I am here to show you the past and how the world once was before the Packaging Regulations” boomed the ethereal apparition.


He whisked Mr Smith to when he was a child playing on a beautiful green, the majestic oaks towering above him as he made forts and played in the lush meadows. They then flashed forward to 1994 and the forest was desolate; with plastic and rubbish strewn across its once delicate ecosystem, it was ruined. It was a world where investment in recycling and reprocessing was running thin, the planet faced more and more environmental pressures and the EU knew it had to act.

“The Packaging Regulations help increase the recycling and reprocessing in the UK; it’s up to businesses such as yours to make sure you comply to make this happen”

Seeing the beautiful greenery Mr Smith felt a tinge of guilt, he had always cared for that forest and wanted others to enjoy its natural beauty.

The phantom dropped him back in bed and he fell fast asleep.

The second night came, and at the strike of 12:00 the second ghost appeared, the Ghost of Obligation.

“I am the Ghost of Obligation, I am here to show you the work the Packaging Regulations have done to help the UK” boomed the apparition.

The ghost whisked him away to the work being done in a recycling plant. He was moved again, he never thought so much was being done already, and how much help they needed to ensure they continued to grow.

“With our help the world will be a greener place” Said Bob in a proud voice.

The third night came, and at the strike of 12:00 the last ghost appeared, the Ghost of Civil Sanctions.

“I am the Ghost of Civil Sanctions, I am here to show you what will happen if you fail to comply with the Packaging Regulations” boomed the final apparition.

The ghost whisked him away to his desk, and there lay a fine. He was being fined for non-compliance.

“But we do recycle, why are we being fined?” pleaded Mr Smith

“You have misunderstood the Packaging Regulations; take the time to speak to the people who know the Regulations, speak to the Experts and get the right advice”

“I will, I will change my ways in the hope that the writing from my stone may be washed away”

And with that he was dropped into bed.

Mr Smith awoke suddenly, and raced to the calendar.

“It’s not yet Christmas, I still have time” said Mr Smith with joy in his voice.

He rushed to the office and immediately called in Bob. They spoke for hours and agreed to go ahead and join the Kite scheme to ensure Smith and Spenser’s Fantastical Toy Emporium would comply.

With a clear conscience and the sense of pride that came with doing the right thing. Mr Smith enjoyed his Christmas break safe in the knowledge that he would become compliant in the New Year and meet the April deadline.

Kite Environmental Solutions are here to help, get in touch today and have a free confidential visit from one of our team and let us help you avoid any Christmas mishaps that could spoil your holiday.

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Andy Fay

Andy Fay

16th December • 2015