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Common filing mistakes often made and how to fix them!

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 04th August 2016

Common filing mistakes often made and how to fix them!


  1. Filing irrelevant paperwork.

It is common that we often hoard paperwork, without focusing on what is important and what is not. In fact, most of us at some time have had a fear of getting rid of something important, to the degree that we end up filing every single bit of paperwork we have.

Of course, this can present a problem when the time comes to look for really important documents in a hurry. Taking time out of our busy lives to sort out the important documents and getting rid of documents we know won’t be needed is a worthwhile task. If you have documents that you are really not sure about and feel more comfortable keeping them for a few more weeks, then use archive boxes to distinguish them as separate from others. Kites archive boxes have a printed panel on the front, with blank space for you to annotate the boxes with the all-important details of what’s inside. This will enable you to easily distinguish the important from the not so important!. High quality and made from strong corrugated cardboard Kites archive range is ideal for long term storage.

Don’t just store documents because you feel you should, always question whether you really need them? If you do, keep the organised and safe!.


  1. Keep on top of things.

Having a great filing system is only going to work well if you keep on top of it. Whether it is work related, education related, or just general home documents, it is vital that you take the time out to regularly file things away in the correct way.

This will be the first place you look, so by not keeping on top of things, you will waste more time having to hunt. Also taking the time out to get rid of anything that new paperwork has replaced will be sure to keep your paperwork up to date.

Purchasing storage solutions such as Kites Archive boxes will help you keep on top of things. They are neat, easy to assemble and store and are built to last, so you can be sure that no matter how many times you take them out of storage, they will remain robust and intact.


  1. Not being able to find things once they are filed.

You need to ask yourself, how long would it take you to find your MOT certificate, or Birth Certificate?

If the answer is a more than a few minutes, then that is too long. By using a filing system such as archive boxes, you can organise paperwork into separate files, Kite supply transfer files which allow you to create categorised storage within your archive boxes. Creating categories for what you need will help you find all related documents in one file ad our transfer files are designed to fit snugly into our archive boxes.

It’s vital that you find a system that works well for you, what works well for one, may not for the other. You need to work to the budget you have and products like our archive range are high quality at economy prices and offer the storage and archiving solutions to meet many requirements.

This is also vital within businesses; you need to ensure all important documents are kept safe, well organised and can be easily identified with clear labelling.

  1. Filing under “miscellaneous”

It is very common to have a number of paperwork documents that do not quite fit here or there, but are still important and something you know you will require in the future. A miscellaneous pile may seem like a great idea, however this could cause your filing to get out of hand, if laziness kicks in you will begin to put everything in this pile and it will soon become a large un-organised mess. Having smaller categories will help you, Kites archive boxes are ideal for this, they come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements and can be purchased with specially designed transfer files so that you can have to separate sections in one archive box.

  1. Looking un-professional in the workplace due to lack of management.

When running a business it is crucial that all information is kept safe and easily accessible at any moment. If potential customers are coming in for meetings, you want to be able to find any information they may request. Poor filing will give of a bad impression personally and of the company. By having adequate filing systems and storage you can be sure to be organised at all times and ready for any requests.

To find great products to help avoid filing mistakes, including archive boxes, and for all of our other products and services, visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

04th August • 2016