DIY cardboard projector!
Published by Jake Kirk

We find it rewarding when we help you, our customers, to protect all different kinds of products with our innovative packaging solutions. But we must say, some of the things that can be done with packaging really does amaze us.

We look out for new creative things all the time, and sometimes, think we have seen it all. We have seen Google with their cardboard binoculars, creative pieces of art created with bubble wrap and play houses and pitch-and-put created from cardboard, the list goes on!

We must say this one is definitely up there as one of our favourites – a DIY overhead projector!Cardboard Projector

Yes you heard correct, you can use a cardboard box and a few other general items to project you phone through a magnet in a box to watch your films on a larger scale, and it’s so simple.

Just follow this link,

If you want to try to create this at home, try using one of our postal boxes and decorate with coloured tissue paper!

Credit: (5 minutes crafts).


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