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France announce rule change on wearing face masks, is it time to prepare for other countries to follow?

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 19th August 2020

France has recently made the announcement that wearing a face mask in certain outdoor public spaces is now mandatory in some towns and cities after hundreds of new clusters emerged over the last few weeks, meaning all tourists will need to also follow these rules when in France, and this week have announced that they will make face coverings mandatory in workplaces from the 1st September.

With talks of potential second lockdowns across the UK and some having already happened, along with the recent announcements, do we need to prepare for a change in where and when we wear face masks? In the UK, face coverings are currently mandatory in indoor settings such as on public transport, transport hubs, shops and supermarkets and shopping centres to name a few, but should we expect these rules to change and for them to be enforced in more places such as workplaces, or will we simply take it upon ourselves to follow suit.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

19th August • 2020