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Published by Carl Board

Delicate items such as glass bottles are often difficult to transport as they are easily broken if inappropriate packaging is used as protection. This week, The Packaging Doctor helps a customer who needs to safely transport a variety of beverages that are packed in glass bottles…


Dear Doctor,

We are going to an event this weekend and we need to transport a large amount of beverages.

Most of them are in glass bottles, so we need a solution that will help to minimise breakages.

Do you have anything suitable?




Hi James,

We can certainly provide a solution for you to transport the beverages so that you can focus on enjoying the event!

We would suggest using our heavy duty wine bottle boxes, as these are designed to transport a variety of beverages. They have integrated dividers that make packing quick and easy, without the need for void fill, which helps to keep the cost of packing these items to a minimum. The dividers will also stop the bottles rattling together, preventing breakages.

You may find our boxes designed to hold 12 bottles the most appropriate for your requirements, especially as these boxes are made from extra strong double wall cardboard, so you can easily transport heavy glass bottles without weakening the box. This also means you can stack them safely and make the most of transit space.

For any beverages that are particularly valuable or expensive that you would like to protect to a greater extent, you could invest in our Air Shock bottle packs. The ranges available can hold one, two or three bottles, and can be purchased with an outer box to provide additional protection during transit. Designed to protect glass items such as bottles with excellent shock absorbent properties, these pouches are easy to inflate, are lightweight and can provide peace of mind as you will know that your bottles will be transported safely.

We hope you will find these solutions suitable to meet your requirements and if you need any further assistance, please contact our expert team! We hope you enjoy your weekend event!

Best wishes,

The Packaging Doctor


The Packaging Doctor