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As the weather starts to improve and we head towards the warmer, sunny months, our seasonal customers need to prepare their stock! This week, the Packaging Doctor helps a customer who needs to protect their ice creams and ice lollies…


Dear Doctor,

My business sells ice creams and ice lollies, and as the weather is getting better, we are heading towards our peak season.

We need to improve the way we box our products, as we keep experiencing damages. Our products are delicate so they need to be protected within a box. We also require the packaging to be suitable to use in cold temperatures as this is where our products have to be stored.

What would you suggest?

Many thanks,



Hi Fiona,

We can definitely help you to protect your ice creams and ice lollies; we wouldn’t want anyone to go without this summer!

To pack your products, we suggest using double wall boxes, as these can provide additional protection as they are made from two layers of strong cardboard. They are also available in a range of sizes so depending on your product range, you could use appropriate size boxes for efficient storage.

Within the box, you could use paper void fill to cushion and protect the delicate products. The SpeedMan Classic is a manual paper dispensing system which dispenses high quality, fully recycled paper that you can use to fill the void between products within the outer box. Available with floor stand or a bench clamp to use on a workbench, this system can easily and effectively introduced to your current packing operation and improve the effectiveness of your protective packaging.

Finally, to seal the boxes, you should use hotmelt tape. The adhesive on this tape works even in cold temperatures, so your boxes will remain sealed when storing your products.

We really hope you will find these products suitable, and our expert team are always here to answer any further questions you may have! Enjoy the summer sunshine!

Best wishes,

Kite Packaging


The Packaging Doctor