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How To Package Computers and Game Consoles – The Packaging Doctor

By Carl Board • Monday 16th September 2013

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Packaging Doctor

Good Afternoon Doctor,

I have an Xbox and tablet computer I would like to sell on eBay to see how much money they will make before starting to clear out the rest of my unwanted stuff. The only problem is the packaging - what is the best thing to use to ensure they don't get damaged? I need a cheap solution.

Thanks in Advance, Marcus

Hi Marcus,

Great to hear from you, I always enjoy hearing about how people get their eBay businesses off the ground. For consumer electronics such as this it's best to think about protection as the first and foremost thing. I would recommend for the Xbox packing it in a large double walled box and wrapping it in bubble wrap, or if you can see your online business being continued it would be worth investing in a machine such as the Mini Air which produces air cushions, ideal for items like this. A similar suggestion would be recommended for the packing of the tablet, or alternatively you could place the tablet inside a padded mailing bag such as a large Jiffy bag and place in postal box. The macerated paper lining of the Jiffy bag provides excellent shock absorption and the Kraft paper outer is great for tear resistance.

Good Luck, The Packaging Doctor

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Carl Board

Carl Board

16th September • 2013