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Just How Strong Are Our New Bags?

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 14th May 2015

Yesterday we announced that FIBC Bags and Rubble Sacks have landed on the Kite website. These are a great addition to our existing bags range, as well as offering more choice for the building, construction, and landscaping industry - typically the largest users of these products.

The bags can be used for a wide range of things, however because of the industry they are targeted to, mostly used for heavy building materials and waste. Rubble sacks are used for exactly that – rubble! This can include broken bricks, scrap timber, plaster and other waste materials. They are often used as a replacement for skips or other industrial waste removal.

FIBC bags are also known as ‘Tonne’ bags, as they can hold 1000 kg of weight without bursting. This is due to their woven polypropylene material, reinforced stitching and strong lifting handles. Mostly used for free-flowing products like sand and gravel, because of their flexibility, they can also be transported easily by hooking the handles on to a crane.

Of course, all our products are rigorously checked by our suppliers in order to comply with our ISO 9001:2008 quality commitments to our customers. However, once they arrive in our Warehouse we can’t help but do our own testing!

Last week we gave you a sneak preview of our Account Managers taking part in the ‘FIBC Tug of War’ and ‘Rubble Sack Race’. Now you can see all the fun in full swing with videos of the events!

Take a look:

We’ll be bringing you even more of our unique testing videos as we continue to launch even more new products.

And if you think being part of the Account Management team looks like fun, we have two permanent positions to fill on the team! As a predominantly sales-driven role we are looking for target-driven candidates with enthusiasm, great communication skills, and sales experience. Email Humayan - - with your CV to apply.