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Kite Packaging expand their existing range of foam protection

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 01st March 2018

The employee-owned business has an expansive range of foam protection for a range of different industries and uses and are extremely price competitive

Protecting items during transit is critical for many businesses as it ensures the items do not arrive to customers damaged and unable to use, it is also just as important to protect items in storage. Foam protection is an extremely versatile product and is used to protect a wide range of products.

Employee-owned packaging company, Kite Packaging, have extended their foam protection range and have improved their pricing across all foam products, making them highly price competitive.

Ideal to protect from shocks and vibrations Kite’s newly launched range consist of the following:

Foam Blocks – Protective blocks that prevent goods from movement and damage, they are self-adhesive and stick to the inside of boxes or containers and fit around the goods in any voids. Available in two different strengths the blue blocks are low-tack making them removable and the white blocks are high-tack for a permanent fixture.

Foam Sheets – Providing a protective layer between surfaces, foam sheets are extremely lightweight, Kite’s range of foam sheets are the ideal solution when used on delicate surfaces to protect against scratches and marks.

Foam pouches – Lightweight foam pouches are ideal for protecting a variety of goods. They are produced from nonabrasive 1mm thick, high-quality foam to protect against scratches, vibrations and shock.

Net Foam – Perfect for cylindrical shaped items and for a range of industries, the sleeve-like design simply slips over goods for instant protection.

W corner protectors – Designed to protect vulnerable areas that are easily knocked or scratched. W corner protectors are manufactured from heavy duty foam and simply slot on to 90-degree corners and will remain in place.

Kite’s existing range of foam products is also highly competitive and ideal for protecting items such as furniture, electronics, frames and much more, to see Kite’s full range of foam edge and corner protectors visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

01st March • 2018