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New vertical continuous heat sealer introduced by Kite Packaging

By Jake Kirk • Monday 13th August 2018

Employee-owned business Kite Packaging has further expanded its effective heat sealing range by bringing its new vertical continuous heat sealer to market.

The UK packaging giant is a leading supplier of heat sealers nationwide having built itself a reputation for stocking a strong selection of high quality sealers that accommodate individual business preferences widespread.

This new and exclusive table top band sealer is ideal for a range of applications in busy packing areas and its adjustable height allows it to seal different sized bags systematically and efficiently.

Heat sealers are a popular product in fulfilment operations as they produce a strong seal to apply to a variety of laminated materials, whilst also being quick and efficient in terms of handling.

There are different models to choose from but finding the right sealing agent is often dependent on operational size.

For smaller establishments, traditional hand operated models like impulse sealers are recommended however for larger packing processes, more automated versions like continuous sealers are required.

For more information about the new vertical heat band sealer or for any queries about Kite’s other products, visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

13th August • 2018