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Our Letchworth RDC has donated £1000 to Stars Bereavement Charity

By Jake Kirk • Friday 13th September 2019

The team at our regional distribution centre in Letchworth has nominated its 2019 charity to donate a fantastic £1000 to – local charity Stars.

stars bereavement charity

Everyone at our Regional Distribution Centre in Letchworth were delighted to be able to donate £1000 to Stars to help them continue their highly valued support service to the area of Cambridgeshire.

Stars bereavement support service is an incredible organisation that provides a high level of support and care for young people who have experienced loss.

It was founded in 2006 by a group of local nurses and others who were working with young people. They realised there was a lack of support available in Cambridgeshire for young people who had suffered a loss of someone close to them, something they wanted to change.

The practitioners who founded the Stars charity could see the devastating effect of bereavement on the young people they were working with and recognised how the right support at the right time had the potential to completely transform the future of young people going through this experience.

When it was established, Stars was initially focused on just Cambridge but now it has grown to operate throughout all of Cambridgeshire.

The team at our Letchworth regional distribution centre had the opportunity to visit Stars and meet some of the people who carry out this support for young people.

To find out more about Stars and the bereavement service they offer for young people, visit their website.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

13th September • 2019