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Packaging For… Electronics – Part Two

By Jake Kirk • Friday 29th November 2013

Friday's Industry Tips

Hi all,

Welcome back to another Friday 'Packaging For...' blog post where we'll be finishing up our focus on the electronics industry and its packaging needs. Last time we put protection in the spotlight, identifying the overriding concern for packaging electronics as protecting delicate elements from static damage and moisture. Electronic products, whether they are specialist parts or large consumer items, are one of the most delicate and high value in the marketplace. Delivering the highest level of protection is something Kite prides themselves on doing, so we hope if you are in the world of electronics you found Part 1 of this post useful.

Another need of the electronics industry, as identified last week, is protecting highly polished surfaces which are a regular feature of consumer electronics such as laptops and televisions. Because these are retail facing and often face long delivery journeys they need to be packaged to ensure no scrapes or scratches and prevent any impact damage. These retail facing products need slightly different packaging than those listed in the last post - and today we will take a look at the best of the bunch for these types of electronic product.

We love to hear from the people these posts are for, so if you work in the electronics and need further packaging solutions or simply want to chat you can get in touch via our Twitter page - @kitepackaging

Packaging Solutions for the Electronics Industry

In today's post we'll be counting down the best packaging products for protecting highly polished surfaces on consumer electronics, and retail facing packs and add-ons that will ensure it arrives attractively and fully protected to the customer. These solutions will ensure the products you send out arrive to your customers as they were packed, and help your business to become a trusted player in the marketplace.

Retention Packaging

One of our biggest users of retention packaging are companies shipping large volumes of mobile phones, this includes suppliers to retail stores, manufacturers and phone recycling businesses (that have become a powerful player in the electronics industry). Retention packaging secures the product in the middle of a carton so that it does not become affected by impact or dirt. Retention packaging is incredibly compact and comes with a cardboard sheet and elastomeric film, products are inserted under the film and the cardboard is folded so that the film clings perfectly to the product. The film offers tear resistance, and the sheet then turns into a folding box for transportation. This is a brilliant product when shipping large volumes and laptop versions are also available, specifically designed for shipping 17" laptops.

Foam Protection

The mistake many suppliers of consumer electronics that have polished or chrome surfaces make is to wrap the product in bubble wrap to avoid impact damage. Although bubble wrap does provide cushioning for fragile products it also leaves behind microscopic scratches on glass and other polished surfaces. A better alternative is to wrap products in white foam, which are provided on a roll. Foam is brilliant at absorbing any shocks that may occur on a journey thanks to its closed cell polythene, and is completely non-abrasive.

As well as this, for items that have severe edges that can be easily knocked and damaged, a cost-effective solution is foam U-channel edge protection. It automatically grips edges and can be contorted to bend round corners.


The newest addition to our site, printed labels are ideal for this industry. Because of the fragile nature of electronics products, labelling is an important aspect of the packing process. 'Handle With Care' and 'Fragile' labels are ideal for large items that need to be handled cautiously by carriers, who otherwise may not have known. Of course, it goes without saying that for more specialist electronics, ESD warning labels are essential when packaging items that carry electrostatic hazards.

Silica Gel

Silica gel is a product ideal for ensuring that customers receive goods in the knowledge that they haven't become moisture damaged. These pouches are designed to absorb any water or dampness, ensuring that no delicate elements rust or are damaged. Silica gel is a highly concentrated desiccant and therefore we recommend 5 grams of silica gel per cubic foot of volume.

Next Week...

Join us for a brand new focus of the 'Packaging For...' series next week where we'll be looking at Christmas packaging! With only a few weeks until the big day this is one to watch out for. Remember the Packaging Doctor will be back on Monday in his regular slot, sorting out all the packaging queries that flood in to Kite. Enjoy your weekend.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

29th November • 2013