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Start preparing for Peak Season with Kite Packaging

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 21st September 2017

Start preparing for Peak Season with Kite Packaging

With the busiest retail season of the year approaching, here at Kite we want to make sure you are not caught out this season and have all of the products you require for a successful peak season.

With increasing customer expectations for speedy delivery and the need to minimise the amount of goods arriving damaged, it is vital to know your products are fully protected.

As well as ensuring you have the right products for the job, you also need to ensure you are smart about the packaging you use. Over packing may not only cause frustration for the customer as they are the ones who have to dispose of the waste, but could potentially cost more in courier costs. However, through clever packaging and innovative solutions, you can be sure to protect their items during transit.


Triangular postal tubes

Our range of triangular postal tubes are the perfect all in-one solution for sending and protecting documents during transit. The unique shape allows for them to be tessellated on a pallet, saving space when in transit and due to the nature of them they do not require any extra packaging. Available in a range of sizes, they are ideal for postal readers as the shape allows them to go through efficiently, making them a preferred solution for the courier network for label scanning and sortation. They safeguard items from becoming creased and ripped during transit.


Postal boxes

Highly presentable and quick to assemble, our range of postal boxes are the perfect solution for sending out a range of items and are particularly popular within e-commerce businesses due to their style. It is important to not only package your products well, but that the packaging itself represent the quality of your products. Why not team them up with some coloured tissue paper to complete the look? Available in a range of colours we are sure to have the one to match your brand.


Custom printed tape

What better way to get your brand noticed, than sealing all boxes with custom printed tape!  Custom printed tape from Kite is printed on high quality white polypropylene or PVC and creating it couldn’t be easier.


Book wrap mailers

Our range of book wrap mailers are incredibly affordable, presentable and will act as an all-round edge corner protector for books, DVDs, computer games and anything else users require. Secure and tamper proof, you will not require any extra packaging for this quick and easy to use solution. The strong peel and seal strip provides excellent security and makes for a faster packing operation.


Bubble lined mailers

Ideal for a variety of uses, our bubble lined mailers range is includes a number of different styles and brands. If you are looking for economical, protective and general-use envelopes, we supply light-weight bubble lined mailers manufactured by Jiffy and Arofol. We also supply a waterproof bubble lined weather-mailer, set to protect items - no matter the weather!


Standard polythene mailing bags

One of the most popular products used throughout peak season are our mailing bags. This cost-effective solution are suitable for a range of products that do not require padding or as much protection. They have a protective waterproof outer to ensure products are delivered to the customer safely.


Round edge postal tubes

Manufactured with a strong brown craft outer, offering a heavier duty finish and improved appearance, our range of round edged postal tubes are available in a variety of sizes and the ideal solution for posting posters and artwork.


Mini Air

Our innovative Mini Air system creates air cushions on demand. The machine is easy to operate and can be easily integrated in to pick and pack departments. Air cushions can be used as a great alternative to loose fill, bubble wrap and many other packaging materials. Using the Mini Air alongside our hopper baskets makes it ideal for high volume users too.


CD, DVD and LP Packaging

Don't forget our NEW CD, DVD and LP packaging range. Perfect for shipping quantities of media, our range of inner trays, outer boxes and mailers are designed specifically for these items. By using these innovative packaging solutions, you can ensure CDs, DVDs and LPs are shipped protectively and arrive in perfect condition to your customers.


Here at Kite, we want to help ensure you and your business make the most of the peak season. For more information and to view our complete range of products, visit our website or call our Packaging Experts on 02476 420065.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

21st September • 2017