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We look at incorporating paper systems into your packing operations

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 4th November 2020

With ecommerce sales on the rise and eMarketer forecasting that UK consumers will spend a massive 34.7% more online than in 2019 there is no better time to get your packaging in order.

We stock over 2000 stock items on their leading B2B website and have a solution to support any operation, from postal boxes and tubes, cardboard boxes, tape, pack room equipment, pallet wrap and systems, void fill solutions, corrugated envelopes, ecommerce packaging, to their regional distribution centres supplying highly bespoke packaging requirements to industries such as food and drink, ecommerce, aerospace and defence, pharmaceutical and everything in between.

One crucial area to focus on and to increase operation efficiency is to ensure products are well protected throughout, therefore reducing damages, and saving time. So, looking at what is put in the box is vital. We have a vast range of void fill solutions in particular their range of paper void fill systems. Not only is it an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap, it provides ultimate in the box protection and their range suits a variety of different sized operations and can also be incorporated into large bespoke operations.

All of them use high quality 100% recycled paper.

SpeedMan box

Our manual, protective paper system suitable for low volume users looking to incorporate paper void fill into their operation. Extremely easy to use and handle, simply tear the paper to length using the serrated edge.

SpeedMan classic

This machine can be used practically anywhere and is suitable for low to medium operations, this paper solution does not require power and is compact and maintenance-free. Simply place the roll of paper into the system and pull out, using the serrated edges tear to your desired length. It can be purchased with a floor stand or a bench clamp.

SpeedMan pro

Built with speed and efficiency in mind, this paper dispensing system enables users to considerably accelerate their packing process. Operated with a foot pedal and favoured by companies running high volume pick, pack and despatch operations, it is reliable, robust and can be integrated into bespoke operations.

Paper Jet

Our high-speed system operates at approximately twice the speed of other comparable systems. Compact and on wheels it can be integrated into any high-volume operation and is perfect for bespoke integrations. It is available as a fan fold paper system or as a roll holder system and delivers between 185-200 pads per minute and is designed to be compact. It is also extremely efficient due to its ability to operate up to 1170 metres of continuous paper feed, meaning fewer changes. 

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

4th November • 2020