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W Profile Corner Protection

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  • Specially engineered W Profile Corner Protectors designed for tables, desks and much more
  • Protect against knocks, shock, movement and other damages
  • Incredibly quick and easy to handle and can be re-used
  • Dimensions:
      A = Inner corner dimension
      B = Inner corner dimension
      C = Thickness of profile


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100mm 100mm 60mm 500 44.6p 37.2p 34.4p 30.6p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units

Designed to protect vulnerable problem areas that are easily knocked or scratched, Kite’s range of W profile corner protectors are the ideal solution for a range of products, particularly delicate items.

Ready to use, they are manufactured from heavy duty foam that protects against knocks, shock and movement, they simply just slot onto 90 degree corners and will remain in place. The foam has great flexibility and will revert back to its original shape. They can be used time and time again and are perfect when shipping products such as tables, shelves, frames and TV’s.

See diagram in photos for corner dimensions.