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  • Face masks, tape and gloves to protect against unwanted and dangerous substances
  • Support social distancing rules and regulations
  • Ideal for use in the workplace and in social environments

Please note: Shade of blue Nitrile gloves may vary, this does not compromise quality.

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Protective equipment

Premium disposable masks

Our premium disposable face masks provide important personal protection to users, protecting against a wide range of chemicals, dust, harmful airborne substances and much more. The 3D shape is designed according to the ergonomics of the human face to increase the breathing capability of the mask and includes a metal strip across the nose, and ear bands to ensure a secure fit and prevent particles and substances from entering the respiratory system via the nose and mouth.

Designed with 5 layers of improved filtration – 3 layers of non-woven fabrics, 2 layers of melt-blown filter layer and a nasal splint inside, the mask is efficient at filtering at least 95% of harmful/unwanted substances and has no odour, making for more comfortable wear.

Used historically in work environments where protection from dust, vapours, and other particles is required. These masks are lint-free.

Our recommendation is that our premium masks are not washed for re-use, as a disposable mask it should only be used once. To utilise the mask as personal protection equipment wearers should always avoid touching the inside of the mask and should dispose of it if in the event it comes into direct contact with blood or other bodily fluids. For the mask to have a proper fit on the wearers face, it is advised that anyone with a beard / facial hair shaves before using. This will allow for greater effectiveness of the filtration system.

Social distancing tape

Our social distancing PVC self-adhesive tape is a recognised and easy way to enforce social distancing measures. The tape is black and yellow in colour and printed in black on a yellow background reads ‘PLEASE KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE’ giving a clear message and indication as to where people should stand, queue or walk.

This tape is perfect to manage health and safety in the workplace and in public places such as supermarkets, warehouses, food chains and anywhere else where social distancing measures need to be enforced.

Although extremely strong and will remain in place, once the tape is no longer needed it can be easily pulled up without leaving a trace of residue, therefore making it ideal for permanent and temporary use. It is 48mm wide.

Hazard warning tape (Lane marking tape)

Perfect for a wide range of uses, our high-quality self-adhesive diagonal lane marking tape, also known as hazard marking tape and more recently known as social distancing tape, allows users to quickly and effectively identify and mark internal surfaces.

This natural rubber tape is commonly used in warehouses and on factory floors for lane marking and identifying hazardous areas, such as marking out trackways for construction vehicles or defining walkway areas for pedestrians. In addition, it can be used to apply to low hanging ceilings or products to warn of low headroom and to warn of changes in floor levels. It is also the ideal solution for encouraging social/safe distancing through creating waiting areas and distancing lines that can be visibly seen.

Due to no residue being left, this tape is suitable for either temporary or permanent marking. It achieves the best performance when applied to a clean surface. Strong and durable, this tape can withstand heavy-duty use such as footing and forklifts. Laminated PVC (Vinyl).

Anti-bacterial gel hand sanitiser

Our range of anti-bacterial gel hand sanitiser kills 99.999% bacteria and has a 60% alcohol content. Available in 50ml with a flip lid, it is the ideal solution for when water and soap are not available or to use alongside for extra protection.

These hand sanitisers are fragrance-free, and not only do these hand sanitisers clean, care and protect the hands they are also allergen-free and contain moisturiser for extra skin protection. Fast drying and vegan friendly.

Video: Hazard warning tape (Lane marking tape)
How our hazard warning tape can be used

Our hazard warning tape, or lane marking tape can be used a variety of operations. Its striking appearance warns workers, customers, pedestrians of hazards for safety reasons. Its strong bond can withstand forklifts, footing and more. This tape can also be used to encourage distancing by placing it as floor marking.

Video: Social distancing tape
A demonstration on our social distancing tape

Our yellow and black social distancing tape is perfect for encouraging a certain distance between people in the retail sector, warehouses and much more. The tape is strong, can be stuck down easily and withstand heavy duty use. Although it is tough, when removed it leaves no residue.

Video: Anti-bacterial gel hand sanitiser
See our different sized anti-bacterial gel hand sanitiser

Our fast drying, anti bacterial hand gels come in a handy flip lid tube. Simply dispense a tumbnail size amount into hands and rub until the gel has absorbed. No need to rise, these gels kill 99.999% of bacteria.

Covid-19 protective equipment