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  • Indicating silica gel that changes colour if in contact with moisture
  • Contents change from orange to green when in contact with moisture
  • Can be dried out and re-used
  • Indicates when airtight seals have been breached
  • Ideal for long term storage

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Indicating silica gel

Our indicating silica gel is the ideal desiccant for applications where long term use is required and although it offers the same benefits as silica gel in terms of its properties, it offers extra unique benefits. Firstly, thanks to its indicating properties, if an air sealed area is no longer moisture free, the indicating silica gel will turn green, therefore informing the user that moisture is present. This is ideal when it is critical that moisture does not get into an item, for example, pharmaceuticals and electrical components where the quality and use could be jeopardised by moisture.

Another benefit of this indicating desiccant is the fact is can be reused. Once the bag is saturated it can be dried out and the colour will change back to orange, allowing for the bag to be used again to absorb and detect any moisture.

Commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, hydraulic systems and tool and seed storage, indicating silica gel is an effective way of detecting when moisture is present and an airtight environment is breached.

Environment Indicating silica gel Molecular sieve Clay Silica gel
Low humidity Fair Excellent Good Fair
High humidity Excellent Good Good Excellent
Low temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
High temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
Maximum temperature (degrees celcius) 104 232 49 104

Video: Indicating silica gel
Our indicating silica gel contents change colour when moisture is present

Our indicating silica gel is designed to display when a sealed package has been compromised by moisture. The sachets are ideal for a range of industries including electronic, pharmaceutical and more. The small coloured balls within the contents of the sachet start out as orange, if moisture is present within the parcel, the colour then changes to green. Once the sachets have been dried out, they can be reused.