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  • For sealing plastic bags
  • Used in many high street stores
  • Can be bench mounted
  • Takes bag neck tape up to 9mm wide


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Standard bag-neck sealer
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A bag neck sealer is a great time saving device for sealing plastic bags in the workplace. Using a bag neck sealer with bag sealing vinyl tape is both quicker and easier than tying, and creates a much neater finish.

A metal dispenser for sealing plastic bags is a low cost accessory that is built to last, even when in constant use. Installing new rolls of vinyl tape is quick and easy and it is also easy to operate.

Bag Neck Sealer

Our bag neck sealer is the model seen in many high street stores such as bakeries, greengrocers, confectioners and scoop and weigh shops. Designed for use with vinyl sealing tapes which are available in a choice of clear, white and a selection of bright colours, the E7 bag neck sealer is a counter top model for fast, effective sealing of poly bags.

This model has an 9mm neck opening and is suitable for tape up to 9mm wide and up to 77m long. The dispenser is suitable for 75mm core size.

Video: Bag Neck Sealer Demonstration Video
How to seal a bag with a bag neck sealer and how to change the roll of tape.

Bag Neck Sealers are a great time saving device for sealing plastic bags securely with bag neck sealing tape.

To insert the tape into the dispenser, pull out the tape wheel and insert it into the core of the tape. Reinsert the wheel and pull the tape acorss the top of the dispenser, ensuring the adhesive side of the tape is facing UPWARDS.

Place your items into a plastic bag and twist the top. Holding the bag with both hands, pull the bag down onto the tape and through the sealing channel.

Designed to be used with vinyl sealing tapes, this solution makes sealing bags fast and effective, producing secure, professional sealed bags.