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Bubble Wrap

About Bubble Wrap And Bubble Bags

Kite Packaging’s versatile line-up of bubble wrap packaging can be used in conjunction with standard cardboard boxes to provide support and stability during shipping. Bubble wrap rolls are typically used to fill empty spaces in boxes, keeping mailed products immobile and protected during transport. For businesses and organisations that ship delicate electronics or other fragile items, bubble wrap is an invaluable resource. Kite Packaging provides an extensive array of industrial quality bubble wrap rolls, and has distinguished itself as one of the premier bubble wrap suppliers in the UK.

Thanks to our online checkout system, you can quickly find the cheapest deals on bubble wrap packaging. Our competitive pricing includes bulk and wholesale discounts for customers interested in placing larger orders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our professional custom support team, who can answer any questions you may have. More information about our bubble wrap can be found below.

Bubble Wrap Rolls & Packaging

One of the most popular misconceptions held by consumers about bubble wrap is that the terms “small bubble wrap” and “large bubble wrap” apply to the length of the roll. In fact, these terms relate directly to the size of the protective bubble. For businesses shipping larger products, such as furniture and chairs, we recommended our large bubble wrap products.

Small bubble wrap is typically used in the majority of consumer-oriented projects, ranging from shipping books to media players. Our specialised VCI (vapour corrosion inhibitor) bubble wrap features anti-corrosion technology designed to protect metal products during shipping. For electronic products, we recommend antistatic bubble wrap, which effectively eliminates static discharge that can easily damage electronic components. For smaller items, customers can take full advantage of our bubble wrap bags, featuring a secure pink seal strip and durable design.

Kite Packaging prides itself on being an official Jiffy Bubble Wrap distributor. You can find the perfect bubble wrap product using our interactive online system. Kite Packaging’s next day delivery options and affordable pricing have helped to distinguish us as one of the UK’s premier bubble wrap distributors.

Bubble Wrap Applications

Whether you're sending a small number of delicate breakables or a large consignment of fragile items, nothing beats the security and protection of bubble wrap. We know that all of our customers have their own individual needs, so we offer everything from a small bubble wrap roll to larger bubble wrap packaging options.

Our standard bubble wrap rolls act as the perfect barrier for packages of all sizes. From glassware and crockery to electronics and giftware, your deliveries can arrive in the perfect condition every time when you buy bubble wrap from Kite Packaging. Your reputation can depend on the quality of your service, so be sure to get it right every time.

We offer a range of options to suit every type of dispatch, so you can find the perfect product if you need:

  • Anti-static bubble wrap for static-sensitive items
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) bubble wrap for rust-sensitive components

Our packaging can be used to provide direct protection to a specific item or to fill up space in a carton or package. When you need to show that extra care, bubble wrap is the ideal option.

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