Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

Stretch wrap

Pallet stability is a vital consideration in any shipping movement, so we strongly recommend our strong and reliable stretch wrap. Whether you're looking to secure a single pallet or a complete container load, you need to do the job properly with our pallet wrap. We have a range of stretch film to suit all needs and all applications.

Our standard rolls of pallet wrap can be applied by hand, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Available in four sizes of thickness, you can be sure of pallet stability in no time. For extra comfort, we stock rolls of extended core stretch wrap film which make hand application more comfortable for the user.

One of the most comprehensive ranges available

For extra ease of use, our pallet wrap dispensers are ideal. Designed to make the operation simpler and faster, they are perfect for larger consignments in which pallet stretch wrap is needed for every item. As leading pallet wrap manufacturers, we offer:

  • Low prices
  • Fast, free delivery when you spend over £100
  • Wide selection of products
  • Range of dispense options

Many companies have invested in automatic wrapping machines. Not only are we experts in providing the right type of machinery system for wrapping we specialise in supply of machine stretch wrap film, ideal for continuous high-volume operations. Our machine stretch wrap is available in a range of thicknesses and specifications, and ensures uniform wrapping time after time, no matter what the consignment might consist of.

Types of Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

  • Standard pallet wrap
    Pallet wrap is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around your goods and securely adheres to itself. Applied by hand or using a hand-held dispenser.
  • Extended Core Pallet Wrap
    Stretch wrap with an extended core can easily be applied without a dispenser, as it can be held by the cardboard core.
  • Ventilated stretch wrap Specialist film manufactured with ventilation's in the material. Stops the build up of condensation in products
  • Machine Stretch Wrap
    Designed to be used with stretch wrap machinery.
  • Security Stretch Film
    Opaque black pallet wrap prevents your goods from being identified once wrapped on the pallet.
  • Custom printed stretch film
    Available in hand, machine and mini-rolls. Add your own logo and make your wrapped products stand out
  • Mini Stretch Wrap
    Convenient 100mm wide rolls of stretch wrap. Ideal for wrapping small products.
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