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We Now Sell Our Acrylic Tape In Retail Packs
Posted 29 January 2016 in Website Updates
If you are a low quantity user of acrylic tape we have great news for you! We now sell our Branded Polypropylene Acrylic Tape (48mm x 66mm) In packs of 6. Here at Kite we...
How To Presentably Pack Booklets and Leaflets The Packaging Doctor
Posted 28 January 2016 in The Packaging Doctor, Uncategorized
Here in the surgery, we offer support and advice on all things packaging to find you the best packaging solutions. Whether you are looking for a cost effective solution, a presentable solution or both, we...
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Posted 25 January 2016 in Packaging Fun
We are always interested in learning new facts about packaging and sharing these facts with you, and as today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation day we will be tweeting interesting facts about bubble wrap throughout the...
Mini Air Cushion For Comfort
Posted 22 January 2016 in Packaging Fun
At Kite we love to see all the wonderful ways in which you use your packaging, whether its being creative with recycled packaging, using it for an exciting project, or just for your comfort, we...
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Kite Packaging

Kite Packaging is the UK's leading supplier of packaging materials, from corrugated cardboard boxes and packing tape to large rolls of bubble wrap and hand pallet wrap.

As well as our extensive online catalogue offering stock products for next day delivery, Kite also has a UK-wide branch network that caters for large businesses requiring bespoke products and services.

Each branch has trained packaging technologists who will help to find the best packaging solutions for your business. See our About Kite and Bespoke sections for more information, or contact us.

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