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Cardboard Sheets & Rolls

About Our Range Of Cardboard Sheets

Depending on your preferred method of storage and shipping, Kite Packaging features a wide range of cardboard sheets, all of which provide durable protection and reliable lining for objects with fragile exteriors. Cardboard sheeting is available in both single and double walled constructions, both of which feature a unique, corrugated cardboard construction.

Whatever the size of your business, the experts at Kite Packaging are here to help. For customers placing larger, high-volume orders, we are delighted to offer numerous bulk pricing discounts as well as wholesale pricing options for large organisations. If you have any questions about our cardboard sheets, we are here to help! Our dedicated professional service experts can answer any questions you may have about our cardboard sheeting products.

We've included a variety of important information in the text below. When you're ready to order, you can do so with our easy-to-use online checkout system. Kite Packaging remains committed to providing top-tier service and products to customers across the UK.

There are so many items which need special care when being transported, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of top quality cardboard sheets to customers in a variety of industry sectors. Manufactured to the highest standard and approximately 3mm in thickness, they are perfect when used as a cushioning agent or as a separator sheet.

Single Wall Cardboard Sheets

Perfectly designed to function as edge protectors and interior placeholders, our single wall cardboard sheets are available in a range of sizes, all of which conform to standard paper sizes. No matter your project, these sturdy cardboard sheets can add a degree of safety and security to your shipping projects.

Our single wall corrugated cardboard sheets can also be utilised as edge protectors, so they are remarkably versatile. At Kite Packaging, we know how important it is to ensure every consignment, whether it's large or small, is secure and stable, so we are delighted to offer our strong cardboard sheets in a variety of sizes, including:

  • A4
  • A3
  • A2
  • A1
  • A0
  • Full container
  • Full Europa
  • Standard pallet

With such a wide choice of sizes, we feel sure you will find the perfect one to match your requirements.

Double Wall Cardboard Sheets

If your consignments require the ultimate in protection, you should be using our double wall cardboard sheets.

Offering twice the durability of single walled cardboard sheets, our corrugated double walled cardboard sheets are approximately 7mm thick, brown in colour, and can be cut to a wide range of shapes and sizes. Thanks to the corrugated design, double wall cardboard sheets offer increased rigidity and stiffness during use.

Both our single and double wall cardboard sheeting is available in a range of physical dimensions and quantities. Each of these products functions well within a range of tasks, including stacking, reinforcing and separating. Cardboard sheets are also ideal for art-related projects due to their highly customisable design. It is not uncommon to see cardboard sheets used to protect paintings and other valuable items during transport or packing. Both thick and thin cardboard sheets also function well as dividers within larger cardboard boxes.

If you are looking to buy cheap, high quality sheets of cardboard, look no further. Let us show you why our customers consider us the premier cardboard sheet provider in the UK.

If you have any specialist applications that require non-standard double wall cardboard sheets, they can easily be cut to the required size and shape (please note we do not offer a cutting service).

Our fast ordering process ensures your order will arrive with minimum fuss. And if you order in bulk, you can enjoy some wonderful savings in the process.

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