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  • Kite's best value mailing sacks
  • Made from recycled material for an environmentally-friendly solution
  • Ideal for mailing products in the post or using with a courier
  • 40mm lip with a peel and seal strip for easy and efficient closure
  • 55 micron (220 gauge) thick grey polythene, ideal for confidential products
  • Subject to a manufacturing tolerance on the dimensions of +/-5%, and +/-10% on thickness.
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    Opening Width x Length
    PiP / paper size

    Ref. Bags Per Pack Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
    110 x 160 mm
    KE00 200 1.9p 1.1p 0.9p 0.8p 0.7p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    152 x 229 mm
    Large Letter (A5)
    KE0 200 3.0p 1.4p 1.3p 1.2p 0.8p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    225 x 318 mm
    Large Letter (A4)
    KE1 200 4.5p 2.2p 2.1p 2.0p 1.8p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    250 x 350 mm
    Large Letter
    KE2 200 5.0p 2.5p 2.4p 2.3p 2.2p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    305 x 406 mm
    Small Parcel
    KE3 200 6.1p 3.6p 3.4p 3.1p 3.0p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    330 x 480 mm
    Medium Parcel
    KE3A 200 7.6p 5.0p 4.7p 4.2p 4.3p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    350 x 405 mm
    Small Parcel
    KE4 200 7.8p 5.2p 4.9p 4.5p 3.3p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    400 x 500 mm
    Medium Parcel (A3)
    KE5 200 8.0p 5.4p 5.3p 5.2p 5.0p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    425 x 600 mm
    Medium Parcel (A2)
    KE6 200 8.3p 7.8p 6.7p 6.2p 5.7p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    525 x 600 mm
    525 x 600 mm Large Parcel
    KE6A 200 11.4p 9.8p 9.2p 8.8p 8.5p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    550 x 750 mm
    Large Parcel
    KE7 200 13.5p 12.0p 10.8p 9.9p 9.0p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    600 x 900 mm
    Large Parcel
    KE7A 200 16.6p 15.9p 14.2p 13.7p 13.1p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    700 x 850 mm
    Large Parcel (A1)
    KE8 200 17.8p 17.1p 15.5p 14.3p 13.2p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
    850 x 1050 mm
    Large Parcel
    KE9 200 26.8p 23.9p 21.4p 21.1p 20.8p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units

    About mailing bags

    Cost-effective mailing bags are ideal for a range of businesses, and in many cases reduce shipping costs when compared to boxes.

    Made from recycled materials but without compromising on quality, they are popular with a wide range of industries including mailing, catalogue, and e-commerce businesses.

    Kite's range of grey mailing bags

    All eleven sizes of our grey mailing bags adhere to Royal Mail's PiP guidelines, so you can accurately calculate your postage costs. Smaller sizes are great for sending clothes, literature and textiles. Larger sizes are typically used when a courier despatch sack is required (for bulky or boxed items).

    Please be aware the shade of grey may vary from images due to recycled content.


    • Strong - Made from 55 micron (220 gauge) thick, grey polythene
    • Lightweight - Save money on shipping costs
    • Opaque - Ideal for sending confidential materials
    • Secure - Seal with a permanent peel and seal strip, on a 40mm lip
    • Great Value - Mailing bags are highly economical, buy in bulk for our amazing wholesale savings
    • Environmentally Friendly - Made from recycled material