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Degradable Vest Style Carrier Bags

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  • Environmentally friendly degradable carrier bags
  • Contains a degradable plastic additive to break down through oxidation
  • Vest-style and available in a variety of different sizes from small to XXXL
  • Will degrade over time once disposed of
  • Not affected by moisture, can be reused time and time again
  • Perfect for use in supermarkets, shops, markets and for other retail uses


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Width x Length
Gusset Thickness Bags Per Pack Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
11 x 17 inches
279 x 432 mm

21 inches
533 mm
18 micron 2000 2.0p 1.8p 1.6p Remove 2000 unitsAdd 2000 units
12 x 18 inches
305 x 457 mm

24 inches
610 mm
20 micron 2000 2.5p 2.3p 2.1p Remove 2000 unitsAdd 2000 units

A range of environmentally friendly degradable vest style carrier bags. This range is manufactured from HDPE incorporating a special totally degradable plastic additive.

When disposed of in landfill sites or when inadvertently littered, these bags will degrade and ultimately degrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat triggers a two-step degradation process:

1. The plastic breaks down through oxidation into small fragments
2. These fragments decompose into their natural elements of carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

These bags are just as strong as ever, they are NOT affected by moisture and can be used again and again until the breakdown process begins.

Video: Vest Style Carrier Bags Demonstration Video
Demonstrating the features of vest style polythene carrier bags.

Our vest style carrier bags are made from polythene. They have loop style handles and a side gusset.

They are similar to supermarket carrier bags and ideal for groceries. The strong handles make the bags easy to carry.