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Packaging Boxes

Kite Packaging stock and sell boxes, pallets, export boxes & packaging boxes in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Thanks to our wide range of boxes and cardboard supplies, you can find the materials you need to protect and transport your shipment. With a variety of specialty boxes in addition to our well-stocked collection of general, pallet/export and postal boxes, you can find the exact product you need for your business or personal use. With our affordable, cheap pricing and wholesale purchasing options, both large and small businesses can benefit from our diverse line-up of packing material.

Here at Kite Packaging, we have an enormous range of boxes to choose from, so you'll find one to suit your needs right here.

From postal boxes and tubes to specialist boxes for shipping, we offer an extensive range of top quality packaging items at highly affordable prices. They include:

  • Standard boxes
  • Boxes for bottles
  • Foam-lined boxes
  • House moving boxes
  • Boxes for mug
  • Boxes for electronics
  • ... and many more

Pallet And Export Boxes

Specially designed to withstand the bangs and bumps of shipping and transit, our heavy-duty pallet and export boxes are built to protect packaged contents during transport with forklifts and other industrial transport implements. Companies interested in purchasing wholesale pallet and export boxes can benefit from our competitive pricing and flexible payment options.

Buy Packaging Boxes Of All Shapes And Sizes

For larger consignments we have strong, durable pallet boxes designed for fork lift truck movement, as well as a selection of timber cases and wooden crates for effective and reliable delivery and storage of heavy duty items.

And if you're looking to send smaller goods, components and materials, we have the ideal boxes and packaging to match your needs. We have specially designed boxes for gifts such as commemorative mugs and picture frames, as well as retention boxes for when you need extra strength 'block and brace' protection for the contents.

Sending delicate electronic components can be a problem at times, because static can damage them during transit. However, we have a range of anti-static foam lined boxes that are perfect for this process. From small computer chips to larger items such as lenses and processors, we have the ideal packaging solution for every type of delivery.

General Boxes

An all-purpose product, our collection of general boxes is well-suited for object storage, item removals or product shipping. You can easily find and buy cardboard general-use boxes using our online catalogue. These boxes are perfect for house or apartment moving, long-term item storage and a variety of smaller-sized commercial operations.

Postal Boxes

Crafted to be fully compatible with the Royal Mail system, our postal cardboard packaging features hinged lids and are optimised for quick and easy assembly. Our postal boxes have been built to ensure that our customers receive the best possible mailing rates for their personal shipments within the UK.

If you are planning on shipping fragile objects or electronics, you can use one of our specialty cardboard packaging options in order to ensure a successful and safe delivery. Our static-free bubble wrap is perfect for valuable electronics, eliminating the possibility of static electricity damage during transit. For smaller, breakable items, we offer foam-lined boxes as well as durable home packing boxes.

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