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Polythene Pallet Top Covers

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  • Protective polythene covers, centre-folded on a roll
  • Ideal for covering pallets to protect from the elements
  • 40 micron high strength virgin material
  • Each roll weights 25kg and has 167 sheets per roll


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Size Covers Per Roll Price Per Roll Enter No. Of Rolls
1800 x 1800 mm
( centre folded to 900mm )
167 £58.40 £53.90 £52.30 £50.78 Remove 1 PackAdd 1 Pack

A big consideration in the movement, storage and distribution of pallets of product is security and protection. The most popular method for stretch wrapping is to use a hand or machine applied pallet wrap which applies strong load retention and stability. Also well-known is the process of heat shrinking, whereby a polythene heat shrink material is put over or around a pallet of goods, a heat source is applied (using a pallet shrink gun) and the material shrinks tightly around the pallet to hold the contents firmly in place during transit.

Our pallet top covers are a polythene pallet cover that are designed more for protection of pallets of goods, specifically from the elements or dirt /dust in warehouse and storage environments. Manufactured from 40 micron high strength virgin material, they are not suitable for heat shrinking. Our top covers have proved very popular with customers on occasion have to store pallets of goods outside and want to ensure they are protected from rain, wind or snow. For warehouse conditions where dust or dirt can be a problem, the pallet covers provide the perfect protection. Perforated on a roll, the sheets simply tear off, open out to their 3 dimensions and can be pulled quickly and easily down the pallet.

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