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Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines

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  • Pallet wrapping machines for high volume use
  • Wraps pallets in seconds, choice of 5 models
  • Each machine comes with a warranty of 3 years for parts and 12 months for labour
  • 2000 kg load capacity and 2200mm wrap height
  • Optional ramp & other accessories available
  • For use with our Machine Pallet Wrap
  • We also sell advanced Robot Master machines
Only available on an 7 - 10 working day delivery - for more details click here


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Image Description Technical Spec Price Quantity
Eco Plat Base Pallet Wrapping Machine Ecoplat Base
  • Entry-level machine
  • Choose from 1 to 3 wraps per pallet
  • Variable turntable and film carriage speed
  • Uses ‘Standard’ machine stretch wrap
£2,495.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Eco Plat FRD Pallet Wrapping Machine Ecoplat FRD
  • Choose from 0 – 10 wraps per pallet
  • 7 other programming options to vary cycle, speed & top/bottom wraps
  • Uses ‘Standard’ machine stretch wrap
£2,995.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Rotoplat 508 Pallet Wrapping Machine Rotoplat 508
  • 6 programmes, 15 adjustable parameters
  • Four tension settings to achieve a sturdy pallet
  • Uses ‘Super’ machine stretch
£5,995.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Rotoplat 708 Pallet Wrapping Machine Rotoplat 708
  • Up to 400% power pre-stretch for economical wrapping
  • 6 programmes, 15 adjustable parameters
  • Multi Level Controls to have full control of wrapping process
£6,695.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Delivery and Installation Delivery, Installation & Training
  • Delivery to a UK address
  • Installation of the machine by our engineer
  • 30 minutes training on how to use the machine
  • For installation & training, please allow 1-2 weeks.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not select this option, you will need to collect the machine - details £395.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Ramp Ramp
Standard 1650mm ramp for turntable machines.
£295.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Pit Frame Pit Frame
Standard pit frame for stabilising machine underground and creating a flat loading surface.
£425.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Digital Weight Scale under 1 tonne Digital Weight Scale 1
To be placed underneath turntable to give digital weight reading. For loads less than 1 tonne.
£1,950.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Digital Weight Scale over 1 tonne Digital Weight Scale 2
To be placed underneath turntable to give digital weight reading. For loads over 1 tonne.
£2,395.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units


All our turntable pallet wrap machines are only available on an extended 7-10 working day delivery; therefore you will not be able to select ‘next working day’ or ‘Saturday AM’ delivery at the checkout.

These machines come direct from our supplier, and in order to be delivered to your business and installed, a ‘delivery, installation & training’ payment of £395.00 must be selected in the product table above and added to the basket.

This charge covers the delivery of the machine, full installation and full training to your staff on the day of delivery. The training session is approximately an hour long, and presented by our supplier’s highly skilled team. Once your order has been placed the Kite team will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable date and time for your delivery, installation and training. If you decide not to select ‘delivery, installation & training’ with your order you will need to arrange collection of the machine(s) from our suppliers premises – call us on 024 76 420065 (option 3) for more details.

About Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines

Our extensive range of pallet wrapping machines have been designed to help with the overall efficiency of the packing operation, and are ideal for large operations wrapping high volumes of pallets. These machines offer a variety of features and benefits, but all allow for a pallet to be wrapped in seconds, using our machine stretch to ensure that a pallet is as secure as possible – even when wrapping oddly shaped loads.

This specific range of pallet wrapping machines work using a turntable, a pallet is either placed on the turntable using a forklift or pump truck, via a ramp, or a pallet can be built up directly on the turntable. As these machines get more advanced, other items can be wrapped including doors, windows, sacks of product and other bulky items.

All pallet wrapping machines are controlled via a built in control panel, which offer more functionality as the range advances. These controls can be used to alter the tension, turntable speed and carriage speed of the machine and in the more specialised machines can be drilled down to a single pallet layer in the product to give the sturdiest, most presentable looking pallet each and every time. All these machines use our Machine Stretch Wrap – which are sold either as ‘standard’ or ‘super’ rolls, depending on the film carriage a machine has – check the content below to ensure you get the right wrap for your machine.

Types of Film Carriage

Each machine is fitted with a different type of film carriage; identified by ‘FRD’, ‘PDS’ and ‘PVS’. Use the glossary below to find out more about each film carriage type.

FRD – Friction Roller Drive

Spool carriage with mechanical brake on return roller, constant stretch of the film independently of the diameter of the spool. For use with our ‘Standard’ (150 – 200% yield) machine stretch.

PDS – Power Differential Stretch

Carriage with a double pre-stretching system that can be activated by a control panel. By activating ‘stretch control’, the carriage can automatically switch to activate the stretch variable of the electromagnetic clutch. For use with our ‘Super’ (200 – 250% yield) machine stretch.

PVS – Performance Variable Stretch

Spool carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors, adjustable from control panel in 10% increments. For use with our ‘Ultra’ (300% yield) machine stretch.

Kite’s Range of Pallet Wrapping Machines

Our range of pallet wrapping machines includes five different models, all of which have 1650mm turntable diameter and a maximum load weight of 2000kg.

Each machine comes with a 3 year warranty for parts and 12 months for labour. For full details click here (PDF).

Other specifications vary per model, see below for more information.

Ecoplat Range

The Ecoplat range has been designed for users looking to move from hand pallet wrapping to using an automated option. The range offers the most economical options in pallet wrapping machines, and has easy-to-use controls which are ideal for operations first introducing this type of technology in to its supply chain.

All Ecoplat models have a 1650mm turntable, with 2000kg capacity and a 2200mm wrap height, as well as an indexed stop position and soft start for additional safety.

Ecoplat Base

This entry-level machine has all the basic controls you need for quick and easy pallet wrapping. The variable turntable and film carriage speed allows you to programme the time in which a pallet takes to wrap, ensuring a slower wrap for more delicate items. There is also a choice of 1, 2 or 3 wraps per pallet and the option to choose if a pallet is wrapped up or down. Tension can also be turned on or off depending on the operation.

Uses our ‘standard’ machine stretch wrap (150 – 200% yield).

Ecoplat FRD

The Ecoplat FRD has the same film carriage as the Ecoplat Base but offers more flexibility, with a top and bottom wrap selector – offering a choice of 0 to 10 wraps depending on your pallet size and stability. It can wrap up only, or wrap up and down and uses a manual programming system so you can choose exactly how you want the pallet to be wrapped.

Uses our ‘standard’ machine stretch wrap (150 – 200% yield)

Rotoplat Range

The Rotoplat range consists of three state of the art models, ideal for users who are looking for an advanced pallet wrapping machine, or keen to upgrade their existing machine. Featuring the best in pallet wrapping technology, these machines can be adjusted in a variety of ways to accommodate even the most awkward of pallets, and can even wrap doors and windows.

The Rotoplat machines come with a 1650mm turntable and 2200mm wrap height as standard, however there are alternative options available. If you are interested in a larger turntable (1800mm, 2200mm and 2400mm options are available) or a longer wrap height (2400mm, 2800mm and 3100mm options are available) then please call us on 0276420065. All Rotoplat machines have a 2000kg turntable capacity.

Rotoplat 508 PDS

A popular choice for many blue chip companies, the Rotoplat 508 PDS is the most widely used pallet wrapping machine in the UK, and is incredibly flexible and good value. With 6 pre-set programs and 15 adjustable settings including four different tension settings this wrapper can wrap cans, sacks and bottles – not just pallets. The controls can all be locked to prevent tampering, and this machine has MLC (Multi Level Controls) capability, allowing for nine different pallet wrapper settings per programme, to alter a number of variables including height and thickness on 5 different levels.

Uses our ‘super’ machine stretch wrap (200 -250% yield).

Rotoplat 708 PVS

The uniqueness of the Rotoplat 708 PVS is that it can be set at the optimum power pre-stretch and delivers a perfectly wrapped pallet each time, optimising film usage and saving costs. Like the Rotoplat 508 PDS it has 6 pre-set programmes and 15 adjustable settings, as well as 4 tensioning options. The Rotoplat 708 PVS also has lockable controls and Multi Level Control functionality.

Uses our ‘ultra’ machine stretch wrap (up to 300% yield).

Machine Optional Add-Ons

Kite also supplies a range of accessories for use with our Turntable machines, which improve the pallet wrapping operation for a more efficient and easier process. All of the accessories below fit the full range of standard Ecoplat and Rotoplat machines.


A ramp is a popular option for users of pallet wrap machines as it allows pallets to be transport more easily on to the turntable. It simply slides on to the front of the turntable to allow for smoother transfer, the size we sell is suitable for all 1650mm turntables.

Pit Frame

This metal frame is usually used in warehouse building operations, to form the outline for a pallet wrapping machine in a designated area. However it can be also added to existing operations, providing there is opportunity to create an underground ditch to position the frame in. The frame allows the machine to be positioned slightly underground, creating a completely flat surface for pallets to be moved on to the turntable.

Digital Weight Scale

Available in two calibrations – for less than 1 tonne and over 1 tonne, a digital weight scale is ideal when your operation dispatches goods by weight or has certain weight parameters it needs to maintain for pallets. This weight scale fits easily underneath the turntable and displays the reading on a digital display near the control panel.

Robot Pallet Wrapping Machines

We also sell two different ‘Robot’ pallet wrapping machines, which are designed to wrap pallets without the use of a turntable, and move around the packing operation freely. Find out more about these machines here.

Demonstration Videos

Video: How to program and use the Ecoplat Pallet Wrap Machine
A brief explanation of the controls on the Ecoplat machine and demonstration of a pallet being wrapped.

The Ecoplat FRD has a spool carriage with mechanical brake and 4 programmes to choose from.

Twist the red knob to ‘on’ to start the machine and press the green button to begin inputting settings.

Choose from an upward and downward cycle (1), only downward or upward cycle (2), manual cycle (3) or eco cycle which is recorded (4) by turning the grey knob.

After you have chosen your programme you can adjust several parameters, again by turning the grey knob.

This includes turntable speed, number of reinforcement wraps, number of bottom wraps and number of top wraps, and the carriage speed (up and down).

Press in the centre of the grey button to ‘lock in’ your chosen setting.

Once you have input your settings press the green button again to start

Full training is provided as part of the delivery and installation charge (£395)

Video: How to use the Rotoplat Pallet Wrap Machine
Demonstrating the multi-layer capabilities of the Rotoplat pallet wrapping machine, which allows parts of a pallet load to be reinforced.

Tie the end of the pallet wrap to a corner of the pallet to get started.

A bell symbol on the display indicates the machine is about to start and warns the operator to stand clear.

In this demo a foam block is used to show how the Power Pre film compresses the load to hold it securely.

A pre-programmed number of bottom wraps are applied.

The machine carriage then moves up the pallet to wrap it quickly and securely.

It can be programmed to apply extra wraps or more tension to certain parts of the pallet for reinforcement, as shown here.

Using advanced multi level features, extra tall pallets can be wrapped with varying levels of tension.