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  • Used to apply hand stretch film around pallets
  • Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and efficiency of wrapping
  • Operator walks forwards improving wrapping speed
  • No bending or stretching required when wrapping so reduce fatigue
  • Ensures pallets are uniformly wrapped and less film is wasted


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5x5 Nano Hand Stretch Dispenser

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  • 5x5 Dispenser is used to apply hand stretch film around pallets
  • No bending or stretching required

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The ‘5x5’ pallet wrap hand dispenser system is a new innovation in wrapping technology from Kite Packaging. Using a patented design our 5x5 hand dispenser provides ‘machine technology in the hand’. With a wide range of benefits, for customers who wrap pallets with hand stretch wrap, this system is the next generation in stretch wrapping technology.

Ergonomic design:

The 5x5 is used with one hand and is designed to allow the operator to walk forwards around the pallet to dispense the film. The design means the operators arm hangs in a natural position and no bending or stretching is required, thus reducing the risk of any health and safety issues.

Optimum wrapping:

The 5x5 incorporates a series of pre-stretch gears within the dispenser meaning the film comes off the dispenser at the optimum elastic point. This minimises the risk of over-stretching (which can lead to the stretch film breaking or under-stretching (which means more film is being used than necessary and no cost benefit is achieved).

Hand film for the 5x5:

The 5x5 system is used with an exclusive hand stretch film, developed by Kite Packaging specifically for use on this dispenser. Utilising Nano-film technology to deliver improved performance and quality the film can only be used with the Kite Packaging 5x5 dispenser.