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Pallet Wrapping Machines

For large warehouses and for businesses moving in to a more automated pick, pack and dispatch operation, we have a range of machines available. These advanced machines have been designed to make securing pallets more efficient, and make best use of human resources. As well as a huge time-saving benefit, which incidentally saves costs in the supply chain, these machines greatly improve presentation of goods, with more uniform palletisation signifying a more professional organisation.

With a wide variety of systems to choose from, all as part of our best value offering, you can be sure that you’ll find the right solution for your business.

Kite’s range of pallet machines

We sell both turntable pallet wrappers and robot stretch wrapping machines, for operations with a high volume of loads to secure on a daily basis. These pallet wrapping machines have varied specs to suit a number of different business needs, with a choice of entry level machines that use standard pre stretch wrap right through to advanced models, with multi-level controls, for use with our ‘ultra’ machine pallet wrap.

Turntable machines that quickly wrap pallets on a platform base are the most popular type of pallet wrapper in the UK and are available with a range of add-ons including a pit frame for mounting underground, ramp for easy loading and digital weight scales to help you monitor the loads going through your operation.

Robot machines are part of the growing trend of mobile pallet machines that circle a pallet to create a uniform wrap. Offering a huge amount of flexibility and saving valuable space in smaller operations they are available with FRD and PDS carriages, so can be used with standard and super pre stretch.

Strapping can be used instead of and in combination with pallet wrap to secure heavy loads and stabilise pallets for transit. Our strapping machines work quickly and easily, and provide more tension than using a manual tool. Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are available depending on your operation, and use our polypropylene strapping to give a strong and secure seal every time.