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Pallet wrap machine guide

Pallet wrap machine guide : everything you need to know about our pallet wrap machines

Type Stretch safe Ecoplat base Ecoplat FRD Masterplat PGS
/ Low profile
Rotoplat 508
/ Low profile
Rotoplat 708
/ Low profile
Robot Master FRD Robot Master PDS Robot Master S6
stretch safe Ecoplat base Ecoplat FRD Masterplat PGS Rotoplat 508 Rotoplat 708 Robot Master M80 FRD Robot Master M110 PDS Robot Master S6
Technical Info
Speed N/A 10 RPM 10 RPM 12 RPM 12 RPM 12 RPM 65M/Min 65M/Min 80M/Min
Maximum Stretch % 30% Tension 50% Tension 50% Tension 250% 250% 400% 50% Tension 250% 250%
Best film for Machine 8mu Stretch Safe Film 8mu Super Stretch 8mu Super Stretch 15mu Super Stretch 15mu Super Stretch 17mu Super Stretch 8mu Super Stretch 15mu Super Stretch 15mu Super Stretch
Best for low output?
Best for high output?
Core break or
Power pre stretch?
Core break Core break Core break Power pre stretch Power pre stretch Power pre stretch Core break Power pre stretch/td> Power pre stretch

What stretch machine is right for you?

The number of pallets you wrap per day will depend on the machine you use within your operation. If you wrap 1-10 a day then you may want to consider a manual stretch film machine. However wrapping pallets by hand can be associated with poor health and safety as it is often the cause of poor body mechanics, increases the risk of tripping due to walking backwards and increase the chance of badly wrapped pallets. This can therefore result in the pallets collapsing during transit or in operations and puts 50% more stress through the back. If you wrap any more than 10 pallets then we would recommend a stretch wrap machine as the ideal solution.


It’s hard to put a definite number on the saving as it depends on a number of varying factors such as pallet throughput, current film type, film price and of course how much film you are currently using to wrap a pallet. The average saving we have seen with existing customers is around 40-50%


Here at Kite we know only too well the importance of the performance of the machine. Not only do we offer free audits to new and existing customers, we also have access to R connect, a revolutionary monitory system which connects to the machines, enabling complete control of machine operation and total support to the customer.

This pioneering innovation can be installed directly on to the machine or installed at a later date, allowing the end user to see how efficient their machine and film are operating.

These new efficiency boosting systems can help businesses across the country monitor and reduce their waste and costs, proving highly useful for a wide range of Kite’s customers.


As in many operations, space is always of essence. There are a range of machines that we have available to suit the requirements of all businesses. Whether it’s our manual 5x5 system that can simply be hung up within your operations or our stretch safe system on wheels that neatly tucks away between pallets or racking, or for bigger operations we have a new range of low profile machines. These low profile additions are available in the Masterplat and Rotoplat ranges, offering reliability due to their lowered patented disk rolling system that makes manoeuvring products on to the machine easier and straightforward.

Each model comes with a ramp which fits around the machines turntable, enabling high flexibility and space saving when loading warehouse goods thanks to the possibility of access from every side on a reduced slope.