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Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machines

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  • Mobile pallet wrapping machines for flexible, quick & efficient pallet wrapping
  • Can easily move around an operation - useful when there are several dispatch areas
  • Each machine comes with 12 months warranty
  • Ideal for odd-shaped and ‘ugly’ freight
  • For use with our Machine Pallet Wrap
  • We also sell advanced Turntable Machines
6-8 weeks lead time for delivery - for more details click here


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Image Description Technical Spec Price Quantity
Robot Master M80 FRD Robot Master M80 FRD
  • 3 programmes and 10 adjustable parameters
  • Operated via a digital control panel
  • FRD carriage – for use with standard machine stretch
£4,250.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Robot Master M110 PDS Robot Master M110 PDS
  • 3 programmes and 10 adjustable parameters
  • Operated via a digital control panel
  • PDS carriage – for use with super machine stretch
£6,195.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pallet Wrap Machine Delivery and Installation Delivery, Installation & Training
  • Delivery to a UK address
  • Installation of the machine by our engineer
  • 30 minutes training on how to use the machine
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not select this option, you will need to collect the machine - more details £395.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units


All our robot pallet wrapping machines have a 6-8 WEEKS lead time for delivery, therefore cannot be delivered as part of our standard (2-4 working days), next working day or Saturday AM delivery structure.

These machines come direct from our supplier, and in order to be delivered to your business and installed, a ‘delivery, installation & training’ payment of £395.00 must be selected in the product table above and added to the basket.

This charge covers the delivery of the machine, full installation and full training to your staff on the day of delivery. The training session is approximately an hour long, and presented by our supplier’s highly skilled team. Once your order has been placed the Kite team will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable date and time for your delivery, installation and training. If you decide not to select ‘delivery, installation & training’ with your order you will need to arrange collection of the machine(s) from our suppliers premises – call us on 024 76 420065 (option 3) for more details.

About Robot Pallet Wrapping Machines

Robot pallet wrapping machines are a new innovation in the pallet wrapping market, designed to give more flexibility to large operations looking to make their pallet wrapping more mobile. The benefit of these machines is that because they work around any size pallet or large item, the height and weight of it can be unlimited.

These machines offer a variety of features and benefits, but all allow for a pallet to be wrapped in seconds, using our machine stretch to ensure that a pallet is as secure as possible, and can move around the operation to wrap pallets in various parts of the packing area.

All pallet wrapping machines are controlled via a built in control panel, which offer more functionality as the range advances. These controls can be used to alter the tension, turntable speed and carriage speed of the machine and in the more specialised machines can be drilled down to a single pallet layer in the product to give the sturdiest, most presentable looking pallet each and every time. All these machines use our Machine Stretch Wrap – which are sold either as ‘standard’ or ‘super’ rolls, depending on the film carriage a machine has – check the content below to ensure you get the right wrap for your machine.

Kite’s Range of Robot Pallet Wrapping Machines

We currently stock two models in the robot pallet wrapping machines range, with the key difference being the type of carriage that they use.

All machines come with 12 months parts and labour warranty. For full details click here (PDF).

The Robot Master M80 uses an FRD (Friction Roller Drive) carriage, which has a mechanical brake on a return roller; this is where standard machine stretch can be used (typically with a yield of 150 – 200%).

The Robot Master M110 has a PDS (Power Differential Stretch) carriage, a double pre-stretching system that is controlled via an electromagnetic clutch, and uses our ‘Super’ stretch film (up to 250% yield).

Both machines have 3 programmes available with ten adjustable parameters that include rotation speed, upward speed, downward speed, three types of cycle settings, film tensioning settings, cycle counters and delay settings. They also come with a control panel lock feature, which allows programmed settings to be locked to prevent other operators from adjusting the settings.

Both machines also have impressive safety and technical features including a start cycle siren to inform operators that the machine is in use, blinker visible during product wrapping, immediate stop button and emergency bumpers.

The machine is battery powered, and its built-in charger is fitted with a 13 amp plug for easy charging anywhere near a standard plug socket. To charge the machine fully from flat takes around 8 hours.

Video: See the Robotmaster Pallet Wrap Machine in action
Watch a pallet being wrapped quickly and automatically by our innovative robot wrapping machine, which drives itself around the pallet.

The Robotmaster is a compact, innovative pallet wrapping system.

It is programmed using the buttons and grey dial on the side of the machine.

Once set up, it will start to drive itself around the pallet, using the guide wheel to follow the pallet edge.

It is fast and efficient, wrapping a whole pallet in seconds.

There is no need to lift the pallet onto a turntable, pallets can we wrapped where they stand.