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  • Bespoke packaging on demand
  • To be used with box on demand systems
  • FSC certified and fully recyclable solution
  • C flute corrugation provides crush resistance & stacking strength
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Fan Fold

Corrugated fan fold, also known as endless board, z-fold, or continuous corrugated, is a long sheet of cardboard which has been scored at regular intervals, allowing for it to be folded neatly and compactly like a fan. Our fanfold is designed for large-scale packaging needs, making it an ideal choice for businesses dealing with a variety of product sizes requiring diverse packaging specifications.

Our corrugated fan fold is available in 623mm x 600m for purchase by the pallet and designed for use with an automated box-making machine, also known as box on demand. For large orders, please call for a quotation.

What are the features of Fan Fold?

The C flute corrugation used in this fan fold is an excellent choice for shipping due to its resistance to compression and crushing. It also provides robust stacking strength, ensuring the safety of goods in transit.

All paper used in the production of our fan fold is FSC certified.

What are the benefits of Fan Fold?

Corrugated fan fold offers a great opportunity for supply chain optimisation.

By providing a versatile solution for various product sizes and packaging specifications, this packaging solution streamlines inventory management as fewer sizes need to be held in stock. As a result, businesses can expect reduced material consumption as the need for extra filling materials is eliminated, as well as decreased transport costs due to the optimised use of available space on vehicles. Fan fold offers flexibility and lead time benefits for ecommerce and industrial packaging by creating bespoke packaging on demand. Businesses can respond to changing packaging requirements promptly without any disruptions to services, ensuring the timely delivery of orders and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Manufactured from sustainably managed resources, our fan fold is a fully recyclable packaging solution which can help businesses contribute to environmental sustainability