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Pallets & Export boxes

Pallet and export boxes

When it comes to the transit of goods, it is important to make use of every bit of space within your selected shipping containers, in order to keep your company's delivery costs as low as possible. Pallets ensure goods can be loaded efficiently and safely, whilst also aiding effective stock control management and movement.

All of our pallets and export boxes - whether constructed from corrugated board, wood or plastic - have been specially designed to be space efficient, and meet all export standards.

Whilst many of our cardboard and wooden crates and pallets have been heat-treated to increase their durability, those looking to save themselves a significant monetary sum, in the long run, might prefer to stock up on our stronger, plastic variants, which are stackable (saving space), durable for repeat usage and hygienic. Or our range of heavy-duty pallet stillages that are extremely common within industrial and warehouse operations for storing or transporting

Palletise with Kite

The products we sell in this category are:

  • Pallet boxes (double stitched corrugated boxes, pre-mounted on a timber pallet)
  • Plastic pallets
  • Wooden timber pallets
  • Presswood pallets (disposable, strong, environmentally friendly pallets made from recycled materials)
  • Timber cases and wooden crates
  • Pallet stillages - mesh pallets, post pallets and chute pallets

Export boxes

We supply cardboard and timber export boxes, pallets and all the extras you need to export your products safely and efficiently. All our export boxes meet the necessary standards for safe shipping whether that is by air, sea or land.

Looking to stock up on export boxes and pallets? Remember, with Kite Packaging, the more you buy, the more you save.