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Pallets & pallet boxes

What is the average cost of a pallet?

As the largest packaging distributor in the UK, we supply an array of varied pallets made from different materials. As such, UK pallet prices can differ considerably depending on whether you opt for press wood, corrugation, steel or plastic. Each style is specially designed for different requirements to ensure that we offer a solution suited to most pallet uses.

Kite’s wholesale discounts that automatically apply when buying in bulk ensure that you are getting a highly competitive price against the average market cost. Furthermore, many of the pallets displayed are reusable which lowers the long-term cost even more. Our heavy duty plastic pallets are an example of this and are specifically designed for frequent reuse.


Our versatile range of pallets are ideal for a wide range of industries. The range offers a selection of different pallets to suit the structural foundation of a unit load. Additionally, pallets provide protection to the product on it and are commonly used as a base for assembling, storing, handling and transporting materials. They can be used in conjunction with a range of handling equipment such as pump trucks and forklifts.

Plastic pallets

Black in colour with an open deck design, these reusable plastic pallets are designed to be long-lasting and durable. The low unladen weight of the plastic pallets means they are cheaper to transport and nest to help save storage space, which encourages return trips.

Timber pallets

Manufactured from solid timber, gained from sustainable sources our timber pallets are the most commonly used today. The 4-way forklift entry design makes them easy for loading and unloading. Designed to be used over and over again, we offer a range of both small and large wooden pallets.

Presswood pallets

Easy to store thanks to its nestable design, our presswood pallets are cheaper to transport and easier to handle. Made from reclaimed and recycled wood, these pallets are environmentally friendly and a good alternative to traditional wood pallets. They are durable and reusable, but cost effective enough to be disposable.

Plastic pallet boxes

Eliminating the need for separate pallets and containers, our range of plastic pallet boxes are ideal for a wide range of industries. When nested, the lids lie flat against the sides of the box securing in a vertical line, meaning no lid overhang. It is designed to be lifted directly with the appropriate machinery and can be used over and over.

Pallet boxes

Designed for heavy items in transit, the strong double wall stitched corrugated board can be quickly collapsed for storage and is suitable for export, providing a strong, reliable and protective means of shipping or exporting goods.

Timber cases and wooden crates

Sourced from sustainable materials, our timber cases and wooden crates are ideal for extremely heavy goods or highly fragile products. The strong timber makes them ideal for transporting products weighing several hundred kilos and stacked two or three high in storage, transit and full export.

Thermal pallet covers

Part of our Chilled Packaging range, our thermal pallet covers are designed to keep products at a constant temperature during storage and transit. These covers can be teamed with our box liners and ice packs to create the ideal controlled environment.

Sanstrap pallet stabilising bands

Our pallet stabilising bands stretch around a load to stabilse and secure. Transport these bands around your operation thanks to the easy to use dispenser box. Cost-effective solution to alternatives, 100% recyclable.