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Whether you are looking to label your items ready for shipping or to provide instructions for the handler, Kite have a comprehensive range for you. Our range of laser / ink jet labels are multipurpose and available in a range of different sizes to cater to your requirements. We also stock a wide range of handling and hazard warning labels pre-printed with a range of warnings, providing you with that extra bit of protection. In addition, our direct thermal labels on a roll are are the perfect addition to a variety of industries. Available in a wide range of label sizes.

Laser / inkjet labels

Labelling up packages ready for dispatch and shipping is vital. This is the information the courier service will work to, to get your package to its required destination. It is especially important that you can rely on this label to stay secure throughout the entire process, as un-labelled items will not make it to their intended destination. A popular product in the industry, our multipurpose labels are ideal for use with laser, copier and inkjet products, and offer a permanent, acrylic-based adhesive to ensure it stays put. All products in the range are manufactured under IS09001:2008.

Handling labels and hazard warning labels

Protecting products with packaging during transit is one of the key principles of packaging and getting it right is vital. However, there are often times when those extra delicate or valuable items need that extra bit of protection to give you peace of mind. Kite’s range of handling and hazard warning labels, give simple instructions to handlers to ensure they treat your goods with care and prevent damage caused by mishandling.

Direct thermal labels on a roll

Our range of white universal labels on a roll are perfect for a variety of industries and uses. They can be used in printers that require a ribbon and those that don't. The labels are perforated and have a permanent adhesive, making them easy to tear and stick wherever needed. They can be used in sectors such as supermarkets, warehouse / logistic operations, offices and much more. Our labels are comparable to Zebra labels and are compatible with Zebra printers.

Clear circle labels on a roll

Our clear circle labels are the perfect addition to products such as postal boxes, tissue paper and flyers and are ideal for a range of industries. They are ideal for use with printers that have a resin ribbon, making them the perfect solution when businesses want to increase brand awareness and visibility.