Layer Pads & Sheets

Layer pads & sheets

Here at Kite we supply a vast range of products to ensure protection of stock so that businesses can ensure effective protection they need. Whether you are transporting stock, or simply storing it, our layer pads and sheets will offer users the adequate protection they need.

Correx Sheets

Correx sheets are ideal for use in a range of different industries. They are a tough, lightweight, waterproof material that is commonly used to provide load stability between pallets. However they are also recognised within a range of industries for many different uses. They are commonly used in construction as an alternative to traditional floor protection cover. A template to gauge the correct sizes of materials needed, for example door frames and work top lengths and in advertising as show boards or point of sale boards, as well as a number of other uses.

Single & Double Wall Cardboard Sheets

Produced from a single layer of cardboard and a double layer of cardboard, single and double wall cardboard sheets are the ideal solution for customers requiring pads, dividers and partitions for products in transit or storage. Whether it’s on a pallet or boxed items they are the ideal solution when packing cartons to protect and separate layers of products to prevent products from crushing and damaging each other, adding a little extra protection when packaging fragile goods.

Paper Sheets and Rolls

We stock a vast range of paper sheets and rolls for all your wrapping and packing needs. Manufactured from the highest quality materials we can supply papers for wrapping, padding, protecting, void filling and presentation needs. This includes Kraft, recycled, waxed and ribbed paper rolls. We also stock single faced corrugated rolls. One the most versatile products in our range our low cost, they are great quality and are suited to multiple applications and a wide variety of uses.