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Packroom Equipment

Packaging machines and equipment

Our packroom equipment range includes cupboards, pallets, trolleys, packing benches, void and heat shrink equipment. We have an extensive range of industrial products. Our strong, durable cupboards include COSHH, first aid and hazardous. Our open fronted, box, half drop side, detachable, chute and post pallets are perfect for storing and organising a variety of materials. A great addition to any busy warehouse operation, trucks and trolleys are easily maneuverable and assist in transporting items between areas providing a solution that works well in all environments. Choose from boxwell trolleys and shelf trucks. Our workstations and benches are perfect for business warehouse and industrial operations.

For void fill solutions we offer our market leading Mini Air machine, paper systems, Kite’s Wrap-and-Hold and shredding machines. Such is the variety and versatility of our machinery range there is an entire subcategory dedicated to all the information you will need, and of course, our simple to use website will make the entire order process quick and easy. See our void fill equipment for more information on these products.

Our heat shrink and vacuum equipment includes heat sealers, vacuum machines, pallet shrink systems and shrink hood machines. They are designed to protect either pallet loads or a variety of goods. See our subcategory page for more information on these products.

Our range of pallet stretch wrapping machines includes a manual machine, turntable pallet wrappers and robot stretch wrapping machines. They are designed to wrap pallets in seconds; choose from 5 fully auto turntable models and 1 manual mobile system. All of our turntable and robot stretch machines use our Machine Stretch Wrap.

We stock a wide range of roll dispensers and stands designed to cut rolls of paper, corrugated card, bubble wrap or film, and are happy to offer advice as to the best solution to suit your individual packing needs. Choose from counter top or free standing roll dispensers, mobile or static dispenser stands, and roll dispensers with or without cutters.

Our other packroom equipment includes specialist knives/cutters and bagging machines. We stock a complete range of box cutters, stretch cutters and retractable safety knives for use with all packaging materials. Our bagging machines are automated and are designed to use either a plastic tubing (film or polythene) or pre-opened bags on a roll, to speed up the filling and sealing process for a variety of products. See individual product pages for more information.