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Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

What is bubble wrap packaging used for?

At Kite Packaging we supply a wide range of premium-quality bubble wrap, suitable for a wide range of uses. Essentially, bubble wrap is a form of protective packaging, described primarily as ‘in-the-box protection’ since it is commonly wrapped around an item that needs cushioning protection when packed into an outer box. Bubble wrap is one of the most trusted and common forms of protection for a wide range of items with the benefits offering protection against impact damage, scratches, and scrapes. Typically bubble wrap is used by wrapping, interleaving, or void filling. When manufactured in combination with other materials it can also be used for specialist applications and products. For example, our range also includes specialist furniture protection, manufactured from Astro Bubble with special protective coatings to safeguard highly polished furniture from knocks, scruffs, scrapes, and vibrations, all of which carry the risk of causing damage and also anti-static, that prevents the build-up of static electricity.

What is the difference between large and small bubble wrap?

The description small and large bubble wrap does not refer to the size of the roll but in fact the actual bubble size.

Small bubble wrap

Is suited to smaller lighter products and particularly good at protecting against scrapes and scratches. Due to the size of the bubble, it is commonly used for items such as books, beauty products, toys, small to medium duty frames and pictures, canvases, cutlery and much more.

Large bubble wrap

The air-filled bubbles are larger in size and therefore provide maximum cushion and surface protection on items with a larger surface area. Commonly used to protect furniture, fragile ornaments, heavy duty frames, canvasses and much more.

What is paper bubble wrap?

Paper bubble wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to our small and large bubble range. It is 100% recyclable, recycled and biodegradable. Made with deep indentations during the manufacturing process means it is the strongest of its type.

What sizes are bubble wrap rolls available in?

Our bubble wrap packaging is available in a range of widths and lengths. As a general industry standard, rolls of bubble wrap are manufactured in 1500 millimetre and 1200-millimetre widths. These widths are also available to cut into smaller width rolls, for example, a 1500mm roll can be supplied as 2 x 750mm rolls, 3 x 500mm rolls or 5 x 300mmrolls in bundle form. Roll lengths are also supplied as a general industry standard, small bubble wrap has 100mtrs of material and large bubble rolls are 50mtrs long. We also supply a range of smaller width rolls for retail and consumer use.

Do you supply bubble bags and mailers?

Yes, we supply a range of bags and envelopes that are perfect for protecting a wide variety of products sent via transit. The range includes presentable, practical, and anti-static envelopes. The products commonly packed in this type of packaging is, health and beauty, retail, electrics, frames, canvases and much more.

Is bubble wrap recyclable/biodegradable?

Bubble wrap is a perfect example of where a choice at the purchasing and specifying stage can result in an easily recyclable product. There are fundamentally three different sorts of bubble wrap in the UK.


Paper bubble wrap is 100% recyclable, recycled and biodegradable, making it our most environmentally friendly bubble wrap option.

Mono (Kite small and large bubble)

Mono bubble is simply made from one sort of plastic PE and therefore easy to recycle, however, this is dependent upon local councils recycling guidelines so to find out more please check with your local council.

Barrier (Jiffy Bubble)

Barrier Bubble, which has a barrier layer sandwiched between layers of plastic, the barrier is usually nylon and is much harder to recycle as the barrier layer is a contaminant, so if you a looking for a recyclable option our Kite range is more suitable.

What is anti-static bubble wrap/bags?

A must for electrical equipment, anti-static bubble wrap and bags not only protect against impact and shock, but they also prevent the build-up of static electricity by dissipating surface charges and therefore protecting the wrapped contents.

What void fill alternatives are there to bubble wrap?

We offer a wide range of void fill solutions click here to see our complete range.

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