Kite supplying packaging solutions

Added value packaging solutions
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    Pallet wrap audit

    Our specialist engineers will assess you load retention requirements

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    Bespoke solutions

    Bespoke solution to suit your specific packaging requirements

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    Packaging technology

    Focusing on pack re-design to help areas such as cost reduction and improved performance and protection

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    About us

    Find out about Kite and our 7 regional distribution centres located around the UK

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    Retail solutions

    Providing customers with innovative, market leading solutions

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    In-box solutions

    Specialist in-the-box team designing bespoke solutions and focusing on areas such as pack cost and pack velocity

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    Range of machinery to suit both low and high volume operations

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    Aerospace & defence

    MPAS trained engineers specialising in solutions to protect, transport and store

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    Packaging regulations

    Kite’s compliance division handling the Packaging Regulations for businesses

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