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Food packaging

What are the main types of food packaging?

As one of the largest online packaging suppliers, our extensive range of food packaging products contains everything a restaurant, catering business, café or other establishment would need to supply environmentally friendly and technically suitable takeaways to their customers.

This includes everything from pizza boxes to plastic dip pots; the range is designed to provide popular packaging options to suit any dishes your business may prepare.

In terms of containers, Kite provide boxes tailored toward a wide range of menus complete with some microwave safe materials, leakproof linings and top green credentials to ensure responsible disposal after use. Many of our kraft solutions are fully recyclable, biodegradable and commercially compostable.

Alongside everything you would expect from a comprehensive range of food packaging products, we also offer clear plastic cups and paper coffee cups for both hot and cold beverages. These items can be complemented by our paper straws and wooden teaspoons, both of which boast eco-friendly options for safe disposal.

The convenient takeaway experience is wrapped up with one of our paper or poly bags ready for a customer to carry their goods home from a vendor or simply collect from their doorstep. Shop the entire range to equip your company with everything you require to meet the needs of ‘food on the go’ consumers. If your order totals over £100, you qualify for free delivery to minimise your outgoings.

What material is used for food packaging?

Traditionally, takeaway food has been primarily supplied in polystyrene trays, though these are notoriously difficult to dispose of. To help you minimise your environmental impact, Kite are proud to supply a range of disposable food packaging that includes recyclable, biodegradable, commercially compostable and recycled content options.

The most eco-friendly packaging options in the range are made from kraft paper; these products are sustainably sourced and easily recycled after use without sacrificing grease-resistance and a leakproof surface.

However, we also offer low-cost plastic packaging, all of which is widely recycled. Some, such as the plastic food bowls also consist of 100% recycled PET, representing the successful operation of a circular economy. Therefore, whatever packaging you require from our online range is integrated with environmental qualities for your and your customer’s peace of mind.