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Heat, shrink & vacuum packaging

Heat shrink packaging

Heat shrink wrap is made from plastic film which is wrapped around a product and subjected to heat, from a heat shrink gun or shrink machine. This causes the film to shrink tightly around the item. Heat shrink packaging has a number of applications from protecting items in transit to slick point of sale packaging, to securing pallet loads.

Heat sealer packaging

Heat sealers are ideal when users need to create air and watertight sealed bags. They are suitable for sealing both layflat tubing or when making custom-sized bags. They can be used virtually anywhere and are ideal for a range of industries.

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum chamber machines are ideal for hygienic food packaging or to help reduce bulky items. Simply put your product in a vacuum pouch, place it within the vacuum chamber and close the lid. The vacuum pump removes all air from the chamber (including any excess air in the pouch) and then securely seals the bag via the built-in heat sealer. Finally, the air is returned into the chamber and your professionally packaged product can be removed from the chamber.

Vacuum sealers operate differently from vacuum chambers in that the bags are placed externally to the machine rather than inside it. Air is then removed and the bag is sealed, all done outside of the machine.