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Adhesive tapes & packaging tapes

Packaging tapes

Another essential postal, packaging and office supply product, our premium-quality packing tape has been designed and developed to help you find the right solution, whatever the nature of your application. The ideal packaging product for moving, packing, shipping or storage, our top-quality parcel tape is already trusted by organisations across a multitude of sectors, and we’re certain that our packing products will be a worthy investment for your business too.

With a full range of high quality, strong adhesive coloured, clear, custom and brown packing tapes, we have all the packaging tape supplies you need to complete packing tasks with confidence within your organisation.

The highest-quality packing tape on the market

General purpose packaging tape is an extremely versatile product and can be used throughout your office, workshop, warehouse or commercial premises to make life easier for you and your workers, and ensure that goods arrive at your own customers’ doors safe and secure. Made from great quality material, including high-grade polypropylene, our clear and brown packaging tape guarantees safety and security. We also supply low noise tape, ideal for reducing noise in the workspace.

At Kite Packaging we also stock industry-leading PVC packing tape, which is available in a choice of widths. Known for its quality, our PVC tape provides less stretch, higher puncture resistance and greater adhesion than many other products on the market, all of which work together to deliver long-term durability.

Looking for speciality tape?

Alongside our extensive selection of standard printed tapes, featuring the words ‘fragile’, ‘handle with care’, ‘this way up’ and ‘contents checked’, and our quality coloured tapes, our custom printed tape guarantees a standout solution to all your business packaging requirements. Performance and great value come as standard with our custom parcel tape, whilst the colour, logo and additional specifications can be tailored to your exact business needs. For customers who need a more industrial taping solution, we also carry a range of duct tapes, hazard warning tapes and heavy duty packaging tapes.

Our speciality range continues with our Enviro-tape, gummed paper tape, machine packaging tape, kraft paper tape (ideal for picture framing), reinforced kraft paper tape and crossweave and masking tapes.

Dispense with ease and confidence

It’s not just packaging tape that we supply, our parcel tape dispensing equipment is renowned throughout numerous markets. We stock gummed paper tape dispensers, tape dispenser guns, bench clamp tape dispensers, bag neck sealers and carton sealing machines for your convenience.

Quick, easy and secure packing is just a click away. Browse our selection of packaging tapes and dispensers, and discover an enviable and unrivalled level of protection suitable for all industries and environments. 

Is parcel tape the same as packing tape?

Yes, parcel tape is another name for packing tape. 

What is the best parcel tape?

This varies depending on the application the tape is needed for. For more information, please see our tape guide

What is parcel tape used for?

Parcel tape is very versatile and can be used in offices, warehouses, schools and even domestically within your home, to name a few examples, but in reality there are many applications. 

What kind of tape do you use for packages?

This can vary depending on the package, the environment packing is taking place in and the requirements of the user. See our tape guide, linked above, for more information. 

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