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Staples And Glue

Staples and glue

For customers who need to seal, secure or adhere something, there will be a solution for you in our wide range of relevant packaging products. While our considerable range of tape products offer many customers the right solution; staplers, staples, glue guns and glue are often the preferred choice for many people with very specific securing and adhering requirements.

The simple process of stapling is a straightforward one, however understanding the right stapler to use is the important part for customers to get right. The term ‘staplers’ can cover a wide and various range of different products, each with their own particular features and benefits.

Staplers and staples can be used for numerous applications from stationary, crafts, DIY and industrial. The range we offer incorporates multiple products that can give customers the correct stapler and staples to suit their own specific requirements. We offer staple guns, stapling pliers, carton staplers and industrial box staplers along with the requisite size of staple to suit. Our staples and stapler guide is a quick reference to help you choose which tool is the right one and offers technical information on each of the staplers and types of staple we offer.

Glue guns and glue sticks offer a very similar type of solution as our staplers and staples and also suit customers with a differing range of requirement, to home, workshop, craft-making or industrial applications. Applying a highly adhesive hot glue using a glue gun system is a common industrial process for sealing cartons but a wide variety of material can be very securely joined using hot glue and glue gun in combination.

As with our staplers and staples category we have a detailed quick reference product guide for glue stick and glue guns , to help you choose the correct product for your particular use. Visit the product pages for either staplers or glue guns and find a wealth of information to help you select the ideal product. Orders can be placed directly onto our website, alternatively contact one of our experienced sales team if you need to discuss any of our products and services.