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Environmental products

The Kite challenge

Here at Kite, we're looking to make a real change, so we challenged ourselves and our customers to reduce plastic usage by 120 tonnes by the end of 2019. We achieved our target with flying colours!

Back story:

With Theresa May setting out to rid the UK of avoidable plastic and David Attenborough warning us of the detrimental impact the substance is having on our oceans, people are beginning to re-evaluate the whole purpose of single-use plastic and whether there is really a need for it.

Plastic is being distributed left, right and centre, with non-recycled waste piling up in every ecosystem. Products such as disposable cups cannot be recycled within normal systems as their cardboard composition is tightly bonded with polythene liner, deeming them unacceptable for recycling by paper mills.

A really significant issue is that mass plastic use is creating waterbed pollution from single-use products such as plastic bottles and bags. These are producing colossal quantities of waste in our rivers and oceans. Even though it is hard to identify the exact amount of plastic flowing into our oceans, scientists estimate that a huge 8 million metric tons of plastic are added to our oceans each year, on top of the already estimated 150 million metric tonnes currently circulating our oceans.

Now, thanks to the eye-opening scenes of Blue Planet, more and more of the population are considering the impact of their actions with the voice of David Attenborough becoming a guiding conscience amongst the nation, and this is why we want you to join us in doing our part for the planet and reducing our own and customers' plastic usage by 120 tonnes by the end of 2019!

With our four Rs to follow - reduce, re-use, recycle and replace, doing our part for the environment just got that little bit easier. We hope advising the products above will give you inspiration and the drive to do everything you can to reduce your plastic use.

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