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Polythene bags & paper bags

We supply a wide array of bags and envelopes from our extensive range of products, whether you are a consumer, a retailer or an industrial company who uses bags in small or large quantities.

Most of us use polythene or paper bags in our lives. This could be in the home, using plastic re-sealable, or clear open-ended bags for food storage; or the shed and garage for keeping nuts and bolts or tools in one place. We have all shopped in the supermarket or high street and used carrier bags at the till and have received a delivery in a paper or polythene mailer. Polythene and paper bags also cover more specialist applications such as large gusseted bags for protecting furniture in storage or transit. It could be bags for independent retailers packing cards professionally in clear greetings card bags, or bagging up sweets and chocolates in clear gift packs.

At Kite we offer one of the most extensive ranges of bags available to order online. From single packs to bulk purchases, we have highly competitive prices and all our products can be ordered on a next day delivery basis.

For more dedicated industrial uses we have a range of rubble sacks, woven polypropylene sacks, FIBC bags and refuse sacks all perfectly suited to the building, horticulture or agriculture sectors. Looking for bags for electronics? We sell those too, our anti-static bubble wrap bags are just the thing for protecting products from static.


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, our range of paper mailing sacks and bags are the ideal solution for a wide range of businesses. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are extremely durable and can be recycled after use. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of industries with different options available. Our foil lined paper bags, ideal for takeaways and cafes due to their insulating inner, are 100% recyclable. Available in a range of sizes, with each size featuring a gusset which allows the bag to expand for a larger capacity.


Are you an online retailer or eBay enthusiast looking for mailing bags and envelopes? We have a vast selection to choose from! We stock peel and seal strip polythene mailing bags in a choice of sizes. Choose from our standard grey mailing bag version or our very high quality white heavy duty mailing bag. We have bubble lined bags, and bubble lined padded envelopes or padded Jiffy bags to protect your goods whilst in transit. We supply cardboard book wrap mailing envelopes suitable for photographs, certificates, artwork, CDs and DVD mailing boxes. We stock document enclosed wallets for securing paperwork to your shipments. Kite has recently launched our grey air shock mailing pouch, great for providing heavy duty air cushion protection to items being shipped in the post or with a delivery company.

If you can't find what you are looking for, simply call our helpline on 02476 420065 or email