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Silica gel, desiccants & VCI

Silica gel, desiccants and VCI

Whether in transit or storage, it is important for any business to eliminate any possible damages to products. We stock silica gel, desiccants and VCI paper designed to protect goods from rust or corrosion by moisture. These packaging solutions offer superior moisture protection and are ideal for a range of products.

Silica gel and desiccants

These pouches absorb unwanted moisture in and around goods to effectively prolong and prevent rust, mildew, and corrosion. The addition of a desiccant – such as silica gel – to packages such as electrical goods, clothing, and optical equipment can help maintain the quality in transit or storage. We stock a range of sachet sizes to suit various product dimensions.

VCI paper

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor paper is designed to protect against rust or tarnish primarily of ferrous metals. Wrapping goods such as metal parts in engineering, engines, drills and large iron items can keep them dry, clean and rust-free without a greasy or waxy residue. We stock 2 different sized rolls at 50gsm.