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Foam protection

What is the foam used in packaging?

Different types of foams are used in packaging to specifically suit the application at hand. For example, when items are particularly delicate then high impact foam is best for securely resisting movement when surrounding a product in a box. Soft foam, on the other hand, is essential for products that may be devalued by a slight scratch.

At Kite, we endeavour to supply packing foam to cater toward most business and domestic needs whether you intend to use the goods as packaging products or storage protection.

Why is foam the ideal choice for protective packaging?

Foam offers a high level of cushioning protection to products being sent through a postal system. Materials such as glass or wood may particularly benefit from the reinforcement foam provides. To minimise the amount of packing foam required, Kite sell corner and edge protection that offers the durability of foam to solely the areas most susceptible to damage. This method is favoured by those packaging large items such as frames, mirrors or pieces of furniture. Foam blocks serve a similar purpose by preventing movement without filling all empty space with excess material.

Foam enjoys the unique property of being able to be shaped to exactly fit products. This can be done by our bespoke solutions team who will manufacture Thermoform items for specialist equipment or you can achieve this effect yourself with our InstaPak quick RT foam cushioning.

The foam wrap rolls compress the high protective qualities of foam into a thinner, flexible medium to directly wrap around small, breakable items. On a larger scale, the furniture protection rolls act as a protective blanket wherein the foam can be cut to size. This product is split down further into three variations to tailor to the specifics of the furnishing. All foam rolls can be cut to size to fit the exact shape and dimensions of the goods, conserving the product and reducing costs.

Foam rolls

Rolls of foam enable you to effectively package ceramic, glass and metal goods of all shapes and sizes. Choosing to purchase foam rolls allows you the freedom to use as much or as little foam packaging as required; simply cut a foam sheet from the roll to your exact shape and dimensions. Foam rolls are often used to package sanitary ware, crockery and glassware to provide a protective cushion to prevent scrapes and scratches.

Foam lined boxes

With a range of foam lined boxes and foam box inserts to choose from, quickly and effectively packing even the most fragile and sensitive items has never been easier. Choose our pre-lined foam boxes in a range of popular sizes for speed of use, or foam packaging inserts to add to your own boxes or large envelopes. Foam lined boxes are both strong and lightweight, enabling you to safely dispatch goods without incurring increased shipping costs.

Corner protection

Foam corner protectors come in an array of shapes and sizes enabling you to shield the edges of any product no matter how large or small. We stock foam edge protectors suitable for glass or metal sheets, as well as foam corners for furniture, picture frames and mirrors. Foam corner protection can be used inside or outside boxes, and are a popular choice for all industries including medical and electronic.

Furniture protection

Popular with domestic and trade customers, our furniture protection products are specifically designed to protect furniture from knocks, scrapes and scratches whilst in storage and transit. Strong and reusable, protective furniture wrap is a must have for all removal and storage companies.

Instapak cushioning

Instantly produce your own moulded bespoke foam fittings with InstaPak quick RT. This self-expanding foam helps to protect delicate items when in storage or transit. It arrives in bag foam, and users can place any desired item ontop of the bag, add pressure to the indicated points and the foam will begin to expand and surround. Ideal for any fragile, high value or customer-sensitive items.

Foam blocks and net foam

These foam products are perfect for protecting a wide variety of goods. Foam blocks act as a void fill, designed to stick in cartons to keep goods from moving around and getting damaged. They are designed for delicate materials such as glass, ceramics and wood. Net foam is similar to mesh; simply slip it over products to protect its edges and surface. We sell net foam in half and full bottle sizes, but it can be easily cut to size.