Strapping & Ties

Typical of many types of transit or storage packaging, particular when it’s industrial in nature is the need to have the right kind of sealing or securing of products. Other than the obvious choice of using some form of adhesive sealing tape there are other, often more suitable ways of guaranteeing peace of mind that your products have adequately secured.

The use of strapping around either your own products or the packaging that’s been used to protect them is a commonly seen in industrial and warehouse settings. For Kite our variety of strapping products and related tools and accessories is an essential category for many customers.

Types of strapping we sell:

  • Polypropylene: The most popular choice of all the strapping material available. Straps and secures pallet, crates, or for bundling heavy items.
  • Polyester: One of the strongest forms of strapping in the market, for very heavy duty applications. Can be secured with hand tools or automated strapping machines.
  • Steel: First choice strapping material for the building and construction Industry and ideally suited for sharp edged or protruding products. Applied by using our range of hand tools.

The process of applying the actual strapping around items is achieved by using one of our dedicated strapping tools. Whether you prefer to use separate hand tension and sealing tools or order one of our combination tools to speed up the process.

Our dedicated product pages contain full and detailed information on our full range of strapping, strapping tools and seals and accessories to help you determine which the correct one for your specific application is.