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Loose fill (void fill)

Fill the void with Kite

One of the most comprehensive ranges of void fill and 'in-the-box' products available online. Our various solutions encompass a variety of materials and applications to give you perfect protection when having to fill the voids around your items, once you've packed them into the box. This ensures there is no movement of the items inside the box, which could damage them in transit.

Void fill and loose fill chips

When transporting items that do not quite fill the box in which they are placed, using void fill chips is important to protect against potential damage from occurring. Our EcoFlo loose fill is not only constructed from maize-based starch but is also compostable and 100% biodegradable, meaning it is environmentally friendly too. Even better; our void fill packaging solution has been proven to be a popular choice for customers mindful of environmental consideration when choosing their packaging products. EcoFlo loose fill will naturally degrade, a process which is sped up when the product comes into contact with water. We offer EcoFlo in 3 cubic ft bags as well as the standard 15 cubic ft version. The smaller bags are popular with retailers looking for a space-saving point of sale void fill solution. For anyone who wants a slightly more presentable and characteristic void fill product, our multi-coloured loose fill chips add a great splash of colour to packaged products. We also offer in our range traditional polystyrene loose fill, considered by some to be a more premium product. The biggest advantage it has over starch-based loose fill is that it does create the small amounts of dust that the starch-based equivalent does.

Paper protection

Our Speedman box, manual paper dispenser system suits packing areas and warehouse environments where products are being packed and protected for shipping and is an efficient and low-cost system. High-quality paper on a roll is contained within an easy to use dispenser box. The Speedman box is versatile, light and easy to use and can be carried to any area of the dispatch department. If you require a paper-based void fill solution but are a high volume user, our Speedman Classic, Speedman Pro and Paperjet systems might prove to be a better alternative. Ideal in busy packing areas these systems offer reliable and fast methods for dispensing paper cushioning to protect your products. For more information view our online demonstration videos.

Foam protection

Kite is one of the leading distributors of high-density foam protection. Universally recognised as the leading products, our wide range of foam protection products gives outstanding corner and edge protection to an almost limitless selection of products that need solid protection from bumps, scrapes or impact damage. Foam corner and edge protection is available to order on our website in a wide range of profiles including L-shaped, U-shaped, tulip, round corner and shock absorption. We also supply foam blocks with adhesive backing which give a very versatile solution for any company who wants to use foam protection for separation of fragile products that need to withstand impacts. Each product page gives detailed explanations of the profile sizes we stock along with illustrative images to demonstrate the style of each foam profile, to help you choose the right foam protective product for you.

Air cushion and pouch protection

As a company focusing on research, development and product innovation we have invested continually in bringing new products to market. Our list of Air Shock protective air pouches is a great example of this and has become a critical product for many customers dispatching and shipping fragile and/or high-value products that need a cost-effective, and efficient but very robust packaging solution. Designed with an incorporated valve for quick and simple inflation our air shock pouches offer a tough, puncture-resistant pouch into which your product will snugly fit. Benefiting from a tough protective 'chamber' to reduce breakages, many customers are turning to this protective air pouch packaging as a way of reducing returns resulting from damage. Available to buy in just pouch form, or alternatively with an additional outer box for posting this is a low cost, high protection solution for any fragile product susceptible to breaking in transit.

The Mini Air, protective air cushion system from Kite is a market-leading air cushion system. The desktop machine and wide variety films, covering a great range of cushion styles, lets you produce protective air cushions for packing, wrapping and protecting the product inside your box. Use our online comparison tool to see how much space and cost can be saved by moving from bubble wrap and void fill to air cushions. We also have a full suite of demonstration videos showing how you can maximise air cushions as a protective measure. We offer a wide range of accessories including a dispenser trolley where air cushions can be collated in large numbers and moved around the packing area to speed up the process.