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Doors case study results

Project brief

Virtuoso is a manufacturer of premium composite doors that experienced an array of issues with their original packaging. After careful evaluation, we identified three objectives our design needed to achieve; reduce damages, improve efficiency and improve the aesthetics of the pack to uphold their reputation as a premium brand. Virtuoso original packaging consisted of plastic corners screwed to the bottom of the door, a white B Flute ‘U’ shaped pad around the bottom plinth secured with hand stretch, and two white

corrugate side caps. An additional Kraft corrugate pad was added to the front and back faces of the door, providing limited protection and an unprofessional finish. This packaging was insufficient to protect the doors. When dropped in transit, the bottom trim and corners are the impact points, meaning these areas were repeatedly being damaged. This was both costly for our Virtuoso and was damaging their reputation as a premium door brand.

Design and Development

Our unique design consists of two heavy duty BC flute fitments that interlock to create a bottom cap. As part of the development process, we added print to mark each door width, allowing packers to easily identify the width needed. Previously, packers had to place a bottom cap on the door to then cut to size. The intelligent design of our bottom caps incorporates a folding method that allows for a quadruple layer of protection on the corners, using a double wall material. This eliminated the need for plastic corner protectors. Furthermore, interlocking the two fitments together creates an additional layer of protection for the bottom plinth. The vulnerable areas of the door are well protected and pack time is reduced. All operators need to do is fold, slide and lock.

For the main body of the door, we designed two corrugate side caps that meet in the middle or can overlap on smaller doors. Not only does this provide full surface protection for the door, but it has also reduced the pack time as additional surface pads aren’t required. As the side caps meet in the middle, the pack is more aesthetically professional. Our design uses three tidy fitting pieces of material as opposed to the five previously used. We were able to reduce pack time per door from 2 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds, enabling Virtuoso to increase their production capacity, adding substantial value to their business. Our superior design has resulted in a considerable decrease in damaged door returns. This has bolstered their reputation and brand image of premium and quality manufactured doors.

Our design introduced a new and unique concept to the market.