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Jiffy Airkraft bubble lined envelopes

Jiffy AirKraft padded bags for sending all kinds of goods by post. They are amongst the most popular bubble lined envelopes in the market.

Use the comparison table in the guide to find our Airkraft equivalent of padded envelopes made by other manufacturers such as Sealed Air, Envelope Master, Arofol, Sansetsu (Featherpost) and Bag-in-Bag as well as Classic sizes.

Manufactured from Jiffy Astro SupraBubble and a 90gsm outer paper coating, these envelopes are strong yet lightweight. They are perfect for sending a wide range of products through the postal system and are cost-effective, helping to keep postage costs to a minimum. This makes our bubble lined mailing bags an ideal solution for high-volume requirements.

The 90gsm outer paper is polyethylene coated (12 micron). Our Jiffy bubble lined bags are manufactured with a peel-&-seal strip, to reducing packing time and to ensure a fully secure closure. Available in gold and white.

The name synonymous with bubble lined bags is Jiffy. One of the main advantages Jiffy bags have over macerated paper or card is that they are light and don’t burst if split.

Our clearance Jiffy AirKraft envelopes are available in a pallet loads.

Standard grey mailing bags

Cost-effective mailing bags are ideal for a range of businesses, and in many cases reduce shipping costs when compared to boxes.

Made from recycled materials but without compromising on quality, they are popular with a wide range of industries including mailing, catalogue and e-commerce businesses.


  • Strong - Made from 55 micron (220 gauge) thick, grey polythene
  • Lightweight - Save money on shipping costs
  • Opaque - Ideal for sending confidential materials
  • Secure - Seal with a permanent peel-&-seal strip, on a 40mm lip
  • Great value - Mailing bags are highly economical
  • Environmentally friendly - Made from recycled material

Our clearance bags are available in a pallet load of 9000 and are considered a Large Parcel by Royal Mail's PiP guide.